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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
My Diary 
... daily or not ... these are the latest 22 diary entries in my Journal ...

Say hello to My retarded boyfriend. "Be serious for the picture honey"
That's what I get for dating younger men :p

22nd-Feb-2017 06:01 pm - More February ...

Februaty had a lot of hospital visits
More chemotherapy
More tests

Still the same view
The ice is breaking

Lots of travelling around in the city with the bus

Cookie cravings

Sunshine and frost

Short trips to the country

Friends doing My laundry

Visiting Brewdog bar

On the 4rth of February I saw old friends Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio play again live.
They played in an old church in one of my favorite spots in Stockholm, Skeppsholmen.
It was lovely.
The sound was awful because the sound system was awful. But they were awesome. They played really nice. I missed seeing them live. So many years man. So many years.
also saw other musicians and artists I admire who played with them, as well as Tiarii. Ah it was wonderful.
I met so many old friends I hadn't seen in years. It's an old band so the audience is growing old with them. Not a lot of new blood in the Neofolk scene hehe. But that's fine. It was never the teenage dance-floor burner type of music. Although I fell in love with it when I was myself 14.
It was really lovely seeing how people go on with their life. How they grew how they changed, or didn't change, how they see everithing now in their 40s. If they are happy or not. If they reached their goals in life.
I left with a smile on my face.
But I must say, My favorite thing in the evening was My friend Alban Djing at the pulpit. It was so ... 21st century! <3

The awesome Neofolk folk with their adorable obsession with the military clothes that provide such a great subject for pictures. That's a snapshot I took with My phone while chatting with a friend. Print worthy!

The following picture I stole from someone on the ORDO facebook group so to show you how awesome the venue was :D

And here is Me looking awesome as always amongst the peeps ;)

And one more thing .....
shhhhhhhhhh ..... ;)

18th-Feb-2017 03:02 pm - Lonely Cone ...
Today I remembered my Lonely Cone Project.
Check it out. I still think it is cute.

The Lonely Cone
The lonely Cone
17th-Feb-2017 05:43 pm - An interesting experience ...

Somewhere quite close to this ...

Working a whole month, for a cheap, sleazy, severely bulimic, psychopathic, socially retarded, milde aged, porn fixated, big baby, ex stripper, currently into meditation and reiki(lol), con artist, who is selling garbage equipment, gave me a lot of water cooler stories to tell in the future

I got to play a lot with my camera though. I tested my limits. And got to take my lunch break in one of my favorite places a few times. The City Library.

And while outside the sun was  ....

I was ...

But also ...

And also ...

And lol

And one time we had an awesome visitor :)

Lunch break though :)

And that was the end of that!

17th-Feb-2017 04:41 pm - I also did this in January ...

Cutest restaurant in my old hood. Made a stop before the movie :)

And this one was the best one since episode 3


Waiting for the bus

Best seat in the house

Short walk to the Witch's Lair

Nosferatu should be the name .... But it is not ...

It is Sputnik

So cute .... to EAT

And after eating .... siesta time with an original sombrero

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
17th-Feb-2017 03:34 pm - Some lazy Sunday in January ...

Snowed in


Step on the side ... the stairs are collapsing at any moment

White nights

The Witch's cabin

"What's he building in there?"

Rabbits walking in heart shape patterns ...

at least WE saw the heart ...

Here again <3

The day before

Taking it easy in the library ...

With Whiskey and Apollinaire ...

A short drive to the picturesque nearest town ...

And New Year's Eve ... right before the Dungeon ;)

We tried hard for the "Serious facebook apropriate Couple Piture"

And one for My Cover ;)

The day after we waved bye bye ...
The windmills were calling ....

Untill the summer ... :)

retro bdsm
30th-Jan-2017 11:21 am - We are not our sex
A lil rant is good for the soul.

Women generally are cunts.
And men generally are dicks.
Because humans generally are assholes.
I am sick and tired of people defending their sex no matter what, as if this is what defines them.
Your vagina does not define you bitch. Just as the color of your skin doesn't.
What defines you is your actions. Your empathy or lack of.
Your impact in your surroundings and those around you.
Do you leave misery and despair behind you as you go? Or you offer comfort. A helping hand to a friend. A smile to a stranger having a bad day.
What kind of human are you?

If I hear another asshole saying women are superior or men are better I will vomit in their mouth.
Get over yourselves you stupid fucks you (we) will all die in 50 years (if we are lucky) and in a hundred years from now nobody will fucking remember you.
Live your lives.
You are not women. You are not men. We are all a bunch of assholes with opinions dragging our deteriorating bags of flesh and bones only momentarily in this sorry ass planet.

Now, on the other hand, if one is in a good mood, one can say that women are generally kind and men are generally carrying. Because, deep down, humans are generally good and wonderful!
But that is in the eye of the beholder.
Because humans are generally different.

Have a lovely asshole day :)
8th-Jan-2017 08:23 pm - Christmas for two ....
For various reasons, I celebrated Christmas without my family this year.
I celebrated with My pet.
It was just the two of us.
Really awesome and different Christmas.
We lost our fancy clothes pretty fast and kept on eating and drinking and stuff ... and eating and drinking and napping and ... and so on ... all night :)

Starting with the day before Christmas Eve after shopping an insane amount of food and alcohol ... and stuck in a parking-lot for a while
Bad idea shipping food the last minute. Bad planning.

Idle hands .... :p

And at home, Mrs Gnomesson has passed out again ....

Christmas Eve vanity moments and Family pictures.
Next year there will be a plus one
wink wink

(no, not a freaking baby ... but a ... ah you'll see :) )

Check how I match the environment, hello :p

Even the food and drinks match my clothes. I'm good.

Aaaaand the family pictures ;)

At least the internet friendly pictures ;)

And then the food ....

The tree and the presents ....

... aaaand then we got naked
so the pictures are PG 13 ......

so ..... skipping to the next day
we continued with Christmas food and shots :D

Aaaaaaand till next year ..... <3

(Mrs Gnomesson got a lasso :D)

8th-Jan-2017 03:21 pm - Mouse ...
I have a history of violence with mice.
Back in the old days, I would grab them by the tail and smash the poor bastards on my desk over and over and over and over until they'd propel somewhere in the room and wouldn't find them till the following christmas.

Nowadays they don't have tails. I just grab them and smash them on the closest surface (I do not have a desk) and squish the motherfucker till it is gone.

So, can anyone give me good tips on what wireless (emphasis on the wireless) mouce to buy that won't make me so fucking anrgy?
I want the fuckking asshole mouse to just fucking WORK imidiately after I toutch it. With no fucking delays and no need of changing the fucking battery every fucking month -_-
8th-Jan-2017 02:22 pm - December Antiquing

Antiquing and other adventures ...

7th-Jan-2017 06:14 pm - December and Erotikmässa

December started with working for Chambers of Love at the Erotikmässa

I got to sell whips and cuffs and awesome corssets and got to wear the awesome corsets. I also got to do my makeup together with the stripper ladies in their dressing room :)
All my male friends are jealous ;)

And I got a lil present from a friend who came by to say hi :)
My new favorite bling!

Week after that I got to go and play too at KBB after a long time ...

7th-Jan-2017 05:56 pm - End of November ...

November had me recording music.
November had me taking my mother to chemo.
November brought the new car around.
Novenmber had me numb for a while.
But my "pet" always with me makes life seem easy :)

I took this picture in November from the hospital room,
as my mom was getting her first chemo treatment.
I remember this view.
The walks with father when he was sick.
I hate this view.
Dark memories of a god awful past.
When life was shit. When I had noone.

Next day rehearsing at home

On my way to record some music when all the world is frozen :)

Another day after the hospital I decided to ride the long bus ride home

And then we met the new car :)

Pet and I found this awesome Pizzeria on the way back ....

Most pleasasnt tables at a restaurant :)


The Ranger found it's place :)

And a thick manual to study ....

And of course at the bakery in Sala Christmas season was already in ...

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen III
24th-Nov-2016 10:25 pm - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!
And, thank you Samantha and Daniel for the Pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup pumpkin beer. And all the other beers and foods
I am thankful to have you in my life.

Ah, oh, yeah... And thank you for the awesomest hug EVER!

the amish years
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