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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
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15th-Oct-2016 06:08 pm - Tiger Lou
Tonight at Debaser Medis

15th-Oct-2016 12:21 am - Sorry Photobucket
Sorry Photobucket for being so mean.
They fixed my problem right away. I am quite impressed with their fast service!
My pictures are up again :D

14th-Oct-2016 12:55 pm - Fucking Photobucket.
Photobucket is currently taking it up the ass with a tire iron so all My piictures are currently anavaliable.
23rd-Sep-2016 04:03 pm - Gypsie Raleigh <3
Check this out. <3


And I can't wait to read her book. It is on My Christmas list :D
Soolie Beetch and the Dying Light
the reading days
19th-Sep-2016 04:54 pm - August: Traktor o Nostalgimuseum 2016

This is a little Museum in the midle of nowhere in Västmanaland a few kilometers outside Sala
You will not find it in the tourist guides, you won't find it on a google search about museums.
The main atraction is old tractors. It is after all farm country there.
But after I looked at all the tractors from the 30s to the 80s
and after I took enough pictures with this unlikely subject for me, I though ok now it is time to go.

There was one more room they said. Oh ok, I though, kind of uninterested.
When I entered that part of the museum I blinked a few times too make sure I saw what I saw!
This was such a surprise!

Skansen has nothing on this.
(Well Skansen has property and money but oh well.)
It is called Tractor and Nostalgia Museum for a reason.
The moment you enter that place you are just filled with nostalgia.
It is almost overwhelming.
Especially for someone who really loves vintage stores, clothes, cars, hair doos, and anything that for a little while can make you travel in time in your mind.

Oh and aparently Perer Stormare was here in November 2015 shooting ...
eeehhh something ... who cares :p

This place is like a time travel portal.
You get lost in your head for a while!

Small stores perfectly decorated in a mix of 3 decades. 30s 40s 50s
There might be a few things from the 70s and 80s I am not sure,
but the 40s and 50s heavily dominate the whole place.

Everything in there is authentic.
A lot of things, like old store merchandise and store signs, are taken from the little town close to the museum.

This was my favorite shop. The Bakery.
I just loved it!

All the muffins and cakes are knitted. How adorable is that! :)

I went there twice that day in order to take everything in.
Plus, in the morning I went there by chance
and in the evening I went there because the farmers had their annual "Tractor Cruise"!
Yes, that's a thing.
They get on their old tractors and they cruise around the village and the small town ending outside the Tractor and Nostalgia Museum for a little picnic!

I had a smile stuck on my face the whole day that day!
This is all so exotic to Me who have spend most of My life in the city.
Damn I love this country!

My favorite find in the countryside so far :)

So much color so much simple beauty!

See you soon.
30th-Aug-2016 09:57 pm - August Moose Park

Oily, cuddly, scary creatures.
The oil they have on their fur is really fat and it smells really wonderful.
They are really big and intimidating creatures. Those were nice and friendly but only because that crazy dude that owns them was there making sure we won't have our asses handed to us.

If I'd see one in the forest I´d poop myself.

They lose their horns every winter (after mating season) and then start growing new ones.
Size matters for mating.
During mating season, which lasts 2 months. the male doesn´t eat ANYTHING.
The white moose in these pictures is not an albino.
And last, Moose can see colors.

Everytime there is a new baby moose in the farm, this dude goes and lives and sleeps with the baby and its mom the first few weeks so that the lil moose recognises him as a moose too.

Lovely park. I recomend it :)


"What are YOU looking at? "

the Horror years
9th-Aug-2016 10:47 pm - July in Närke. Part Two of Two

Askersund is a cute little town close to Örebro.
Inspite the awesome bathing suit and the splash pictures, I did not swim.
I haven't swum out in nature in 27 years and I am not planning to start in a lake
no matter how warm and appealing it was.
I kinda don't like nature THAT way :p

Askersund is a doll town.
I loved it!

Till next time ...

toodle pip

And next time I MIGHT even swim ... who knows ;)

photographing II
9th-Aug-2016 08:33 pm - July in Närke. Part One of Two

Örebro and ... around. Mixed camera and mobile pictures.

There are dungeons in this castle -_-

and there were "these" moments :p

9th-Aug-2016 01:15 pm - Power Big Meet 2016
Power Big Meet 2016
Camera and mobile pictures Mixed from two days
here we go ...

I'm only jokin' ...

No I haven't picked up smoking ...

Until next time ... happy rides

11th-Jul-2016 09:39 pm - time to start building muscle again

say bye bye to the claws I am starting boxing ...

that was fun byt I need a punching bag ...

11th-Jul-2016 09:10 pm - Midsummer 2016

And the midnight summer sky at 00:00

Life is good .....

11th-Jul-2016 07:51 pm - Even More June .....

A foggy day in stockholm with Friends

My city My love

Little boy who looks at the moon
or Järnpojke

And a fun edit by a friend that made Me smile a lot :D

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
11th-Jul-2016 06:53 pm - April ....

Aaaaand Valborg

me naked portrait
So the time is almost near.
The open weeks at The Mansion.
I am so excited!

Soon, soon, soon we will be "dungeon crawling".
Literally, from dungeon to dungeon to dungeon, amongst 20 something dungeons and play rooms (might be 30, it was hard to count last time I was there)
My heart skips a beat thinking about it!

If you are into BDSM and haven't visited The Mansion, it is like you are into Roller-coasters and never visited Tivoli!

It's a very unique place!

A classic, really old, really big building with a wonderful ghost-like aura hovering allover!
The hotel area, the big dining room, the breakfast room, the staircases, the big corridors, have memories of their own.
Every coat of paint, every chiseled curve of wood, every polished stone, every scratched milky piece of glass, give you the sense of memories past. Calmly entering your brain, making all your senses awake and alert.
The glory of the past, the "might have been" and the decay of time, meeting perfectly the wonderful decadence of the 20 plus timeless dungeons in the basement.
The smell of wet stone, iron and wood, the dying candles in the late hours of the night, the muffled screams and sharp sounds of a whip echoing in the empty dark corridors.
The sounds of untold pleasures!
Pure poetry.
Pure lustful poetry.
And time stands still ...

My head is spinning. I can't wait.
I have been waiting for it 6 months now.

Pet and I had the time of our lives there last New Years.
It was one of those experiences you NEVER forget.
And we were there only one and a half day. Now we will stay for almost a week!
As I write this My heart is pounding!

Only a couple of weeks away ...
retro bdsm
30th-May-2016 11:10 pm - Licorice Festival 2016

At the Licorice Festival 2016 in the end of April here in Stockholm,
I helped My very talented friend Liv Sandberg sell her awesome licorise Muffins and Cookies.
It was 2 days of licorice pleasure :)

All wrapped in these cute boxes :D


Aaaaaaand some pictures behnd the scenes the day I went to help with some cookie-rollin :D

All this is licorice!
The particular package I am touching is still warm!

Liv preparing the monster dough

Mmmmm Fresh from the oven

Rolled about 400 cookies :D

Till next year .... :)
Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
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