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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
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8th-Jan-2017 08:23 pm - Christmas for two ....
For various reasons, I celebrated Christmas without my family this year.
I celebrated with My pet.
It was just the two of us.
Really awesome and different Christmas.
We lost our fancy clothes pretty fast and kept on eating and drinking and stuff ... and eating and drinking and napping and ... and so on ... all night :)

Starting with the day before Christmas Eve after shopping an insane amount of food and alcohol ... and stuck in a parking-lot for a while
Bad idea shipping food the last minute. Bad planning.

Idle hands .... :p

And at home, Mrs Gnomesson has passed out again ....

Christmas Eve vanity moments and Family pictures.
Next year there will be a plus one
wink wink

(no, not a freaking baby ... but a ... ah you'll see :) )

Check how I match the environment, hello :p

Even the food and drinks match my clothes. I'm good.

Aaaaand the family pictures ;)

At least the internet friendly pictures ;)

And then the food ....

The tree and the presents ....

... aaaand then we got naked
so the pictures are PG 13 ......

so ..... skipping to the next day
we continued with Christmas food and shots :D

Aaaaaaand till next year ..... <3

(Mrs Gnomesson got a lasso :D)

8th-Jan-2017 03:21 pm - Mouse ...
I have a history of violence with mice.
Back in the old days, I would grab them by the tail and smash the poor bastards on my desk over and over and over and over until they'd propel somewhere in the room and wouldn't find them till the following christmas.

Nowadays they don't have tails. I just grab them and smash them on the closest surface (I do not have a desk) and squish the motherfucker till it is gone.

So, can anyone give me good tips on what wireless (emphasis on the wireless) mouce to buy that won't make me so fucking anrgy?
I want the fuckking asshole mouse to just fucking WORK imidiately after I toutch it. With no fucking delays and no need of changing the fucking battery every fucking month -_-
8th-Jan-2017 02:22 pm - December Antiquing

Antiquing and other adventures ...

7th-Jan-2017 06:14 pm - December and Erotikmässa

December started with working for Chambers of Love at the Erotikmässa

I got to sell whips and cuffs and awesome corssets and got to wear the awesome corsets. I also got to do my makeup together with the stripper ladies in their dressing room :)
All my male friends are jealous ;)

And I got a lil present from a friend who came by to say hi :)
My new favorite bling!

Week after that I got to go and play too at KBB after a long time ...

7th-Jan-2017 05:56 pm - End of November ...

November had me recording music.
November had me taking my mother to chemo.
November brought the new car around.
Novenmber had me numb for a while.
But my "pet" always with me makes life seem easy :)

I took this picture in November from the hospital room,
as my mom was getting her first chemo treatment.
I remember this view.
The walks with father when he was sick.
I hate this view.
Dark memories of a god awful past.
When life was shit. When I had noone.

Next day rehearsing at home

On my way to record some music when all the world is frozen :)

Another day after the hospital I decided to ride the long bus ride home

And then we met the new car :)

Pet and I found this awesome Pizzeria on the way back ....

Most pleasasnt tables at a restaurant :)


The Ranger found it's place :)

And a thick manual to study ....

And of course at the bakery in Sala Christmas season was already in ...

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen III
24th-Nov-2016 10:25 pm - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!
And, thank you Samantha and Daniel for the Pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup pumpkin beer. And all the other beers and foods
I am thankful to have you in my life.

Ah, oh, yeah... And thank you for the awesomest hug EVER!

the amish years
24th-Nov-2016 11:23 am - Wishlist ...
My Christmas Wishlist

1. Mom to be healthy
2. -22C On Christmas day
3. Land a job in the North Pole
4. Get a dog someone else will take care of
6. Jumpa på isen without dying *
7. Wine that doesn't make you drunk (and still tastes awesome)
8. Meet Alejandro Jodorowsky
9. Stop having nightmares about my dead father
10. Surprise Me ...

*Jumpa på isen

21st-Nov-2016 10:17 am - A Day in November

Christmas Market in Gamla Stan and the traditional applecake at Kaffekoppen.

Medieval Museum
(my 20th time actually :))

This is a new addition to the Medieval Museum. The Ratzberger familly.
It's SO cute I punched a wall :d <3

"This is where the Family Ratzberger lives.
Please take off your shoes and don't spit on the floor"



One Beer at Bishop's Arms to warm up

Mead and beer at Aifur

This November, this winter, is tough, and it will be tougher soon.
So I really need days like this ...

the amish years
9th-Nov-2016 06:47 pm - 6 years without you ...

Athens 23 Oct 1937 - Stockholm 09 Nov 2010

I still think about you everyday.
I still find myself ready to pick up the phone to call you.
I still laugh with you silly jokes.
And I talk about you almost everyday.
I still dream of you.
I still cry for you.
I still wonder of what would you have felt or thought for things that happen in the world
if you were still around.

I still get mad at you.

I know you were not the perfect father.
You made me angry so many times.
But who is perfect anyway?
You never had a father so you had no examples.

You were the best father you knew how to be.
And for that, I thank you.

And I thank you again for raising me like a boy.
I thank you for letting me roam the streets and climb on trees.
For allowing me to scratch my knees and scrape my elbows.
I thank you for the treasure hunts.
I thank you for all the cats.

I thank you for all the road-trips in that old SAAB allover Greece.
Thank you for letting me skip school that day it snowed.
Thank you for dancing with me.
For the endless walks.
Thank you for the rides and hikes up on our mountain.
For singing to me with your guitar.

Thank you for all the stories you made up to put me to sleep when I was little.
Thank you for teaching me to love the opera.

I thank you for letting me spray-paint a coffin and a giant bat
on the ceiling and the walls of that old room.
Thank you for accepting my weirdness, my mood-swings and my anger.
Thank you for driving me to school, to work, to clubs, to parties, to the airport.
Thank you for calling me every Sunday.

And I thank you again
for letting me watch the Clockwork Orange on TV when I was 5.
Thank you for taking me to the summer theater to watch Alien when I was 9.
Thank you for letting me watch Rosemary's Baby,The Shining and Psycho when I was 10
Thank you for taking me to the summer movie marathon to watch Scarface when I was 12
Thank You for taking Me to the movies 3 times a week!

Thank you for being my dad.

I love you and I miss you everyday.

" You are beside me. All around me...
But how I wish you were here ... "

9th-Nov-2016 05:50 pm - Comiccon 2016

Sadly Comiccon 2016 was the poorest, most miserable (in terms of variety and spectacle) and yet the most expressive that I can remember.
I did have fun of course. But not 250kr fun.
Next year they better shape up cause they are losing audience ...

That's right, we meet again :)

The only game that caught my eye this year

Forklifts with hats ... may the fork be with you

Geeky kid playing Super Mario on a fat tv :D

VR is the future ...
So I play a bad immitation of feeding frenzy for VR
and owend it! YEah! :D

And others, like Magnus,  go VR driving
"He is a pro. Is he a rally driver?"
Asked the dude working there :D

Slave Cage :p

Like a nightmare

I Pac Man

Le lol :D Glad there is no video of me on this thing.
I just went round and round like a Disco ball

Aaaaand that was pretty much it this year ...
Not even the batmobile was here this time -_-

Hmmm I hope things pick up again next year
9th-Nov-2016 12:17 pm - September loving moments :)

Well ... not really :) <3
there will always be two seats ...

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