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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
... daily or not ... these are the latest 22 diary entries in my Journal ...

31st-Aug-2019 09:26 am - Chainsaws and pitbulls ❤️
Another awesome week at work. I had Beelzie with for 2 days. Everyone loved her ofcourse. She helped and she nursed the wounded ❤️

More of that here Lantichristo and here Beelzie Bub
23rd-Aug-2019 04:45 pm(no subject)
"Gräsänka" for this rainy weekend ☔ (untranslatable word, so Google it ;) )
Well, after working all day on an oak with constant rain. I got s-oaked (muhaha), I finished work early, I went home, picked up my pink travelling bag (naturally). Fed my giant tarantula, (ofcourse) And I am off to the country for a weekend of wine 🍷 and silence with my pitbull ❤️. I am a bit early at the station so I am enjoying a cup of disgusting artificial chai latte at the deplorable starfucks. Listening to The Dark Side Of ( #thedarksideof) podcast.
Feeling awesome.
I wish you, a groovy weekend ❤️

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
31st-May-2019 03:41 pm - Apothic Inferno - Whiskey Soul
Apothic Inferno - Whiskey Soul

Every wine has a personality. This one, has an attitude.

Posted by Alexandra Norrsken on 31 May 2019, 13:41

from Facebook
Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
30th-May-2019 08:27 pm - 14' Elec Chain Saw
14' Elec Chain Saw

Remington RM1415A Electric Chain Saw - Remington 14", 8.0A electric chainsaw is designed to provide high performance and has user-friendly features. The unit features a 14" Oregon low kickback B&C, a manual push-button oiler, and an external adjustment screw for chain tensioning. Fully assembled....

Posted by Alexandra Norrsken on 30 May 2019, 18:27

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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
25th-May-2019 09:46 am - Alexandra

We met those smiling creatures yesterday. And there is a big chance we will become a family soon ❤️😍 But even if we won't, it was a wonderful experience meeting those licking machines :D

Posted by Alexandra Norrsken on 25 May 2019, 07:46

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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
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