Tree work. Dog days. In the city.

A whole month away from the country house. Work. Home with Beelzie and Magnus. Work. Home with Beelzie and Magnus.
One evening I went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant with my sister and my mom. It was lovely. We ate good food, drunk good wine and laughed a lot talking about old Greek traditions about farts (long story 😂 )
This Friday is off. The weekend has begun. I'm at the house in the country since last night. You'd think I get to sleep long.
First woke up at 04:00 then 05:15 then 06:30 then I said fuck it and made coffee at 07:00 Now after 08:00, the daylight is creeping in and I must wait all day for boyfriend to get up. I want his ability to sleep so long. I am so tired :(
But this is going to be a wonderful moody weekend!

Here is a few pictures from the last couple of weeks starting from today during my breakfast in the dining room :) ❤️

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen

Always without you

You finally "saw the end"
"Well, it was open, so you crawled inside"
Rest in Peace my old friend
May your spirit remain in all those near and dear to you 🖤

Last Friday they found Maria dead in her apartment. A death expected. A death planned so many years ago. A death that felt as something familiar. As if that life untill now was just a dream.

I loved you so!
I wrote songs for you.
My first love.
My awakening.
Goodbye again. And now, forever.
Karl Ruprecht Kroenen

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"Gräsänka" for this rainy weekend ☔ (untranslatable word, so Google it ;) )
Well, after working all day on an oak with constant rain. I got s-oaked (muhaha), I finished work early, I went home, picked up my pink travelling bag (naturally). Fed my giant tarantula, (ofcourse) And I am off to the country for a weekend of wine 🍷 and silence with my pitbull ❤️. I am a bit early at the station so I am enjoying a cup of disgusting artificial chai latte at the deplorable starfucks. Listening to The Dark Side Of ( #thedarksideof) podcast.
Feeling awesome.
I wish you, a groovy weekend ❤️