Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

this and that, markets and yummy stuff (and some not so yummy)

The day before my name day we went for a little walk in our neighborhood and looked at the farmer’s market ...

The bee's knees


Mmmm chanterelles and all sorts of berry-jam uhhhhrrr (Homer drool)


... and then the street market.



Everyone who lives or has a store on that street got the chance to bring out their old crap and sell them for very little to no money.

This furniture for example was free.

Too bad I have no more room in my flat otherwise I’d get it. I love getting and renovating old furniture.


Then we ended up in a open pub across the bridge on the other island.

Ah, lovely!!! :D

It was a pub by the water where people play
Boule (a game with metallic balls).

Here is the disgusting beer they had EWWW!!!

The glass is fun but the beer in it was almost as disgusting a Spendrups or even an Amstel or Heineken … ah no let’s not be evil … - Amstel and Heineken are not beers. They are piss and vomit coming out of a maggot, contaminated with leprosy on a sipsemic zombie corpse. -  If it was like Amstel I would prosecute them.

No, it was as crappy as a Budweiser. Ewww!!!

It was the pubs last night ever. When the night was close to the end, they started tearing the bar down. They brought an electric saw and started cutting it into pieces and then put the pieces on fire one by one.

(they should have burnt their beers too)

Here is a unsuccessful attempt to take a picture of the dude with the electric saw. I promise you he is there (in the middle under that tree)

And here behind Ronnie is the fire.


Viking Lines (the boat to Finland) is making an appearance between the islands;)

Ah! I love my neighborhood!





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