Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Evan Rachel Wood please STAY AWAY from True Blood!!!

Stupid c… spoiled my show! Arrrrrrrrrrrg!!!

Evan Rachel Wood. She is a pretty little thing. But she is not much of an actress now is she? She is not much of anything really. Just a pretty little thing. Obsessed with something she can never ever reach. Poor thing. The sad “actress” was  really really bad on True Blood latest episode (Frenzy)... embarrassing really ... as if she forgot how to act .... or ... did she ever know how to? I wonder! She was just ... sad.


She can play teens, since she is a teen. She can play plain little girls. But as we saw in her True Blood entrance, she can not play anything else.

She really wants to be this vamp, 30s 40s looking pinup gal, in real life. But, she can NOT pull it off. Poor girl.

Now she got the opportunity to play a character like that and she proved she just can NOT do it.

The character in the book is not portrayed like that, so I am sure she asked for the “Queen Sophie-Anne” to be this dreamy, fast talking, pinup goddess. I bet she asked it in her contract. I bet she got really happy when she got to do it. I bet she thought she could prove something now. I bet she is oblivious on how ridiculous she really is.

She is not
Dita, she should get over it already!!!


She spoiled a perfectly fine character from the book. She was flat, with no depth in her words, no warmth in her voice. Meanings all stuck on her forehead as if she was reading from a monitor.
My 8 year old niece could play this character better than this, without any training.

She was just ……. Sad!

I hope I never see her again!!!!

(at least no on True Blood)

Tags: true blood

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