Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

I am back HOME

I am back HOME

I am too tired and too drained to write anything about the shit that went down in the hell pit I was in for 2 months.

I will now only say that everything turned out fine in the end and I brought my mom HOME for good!!! I also have to say that I met all my friends and this made me happy in my misery. In the tragic misery I had some really good moments with my friends. And I sincerely need to thank them all for helping out psychologically and essentially in my dark times. Some helped more than they can imagine. You know who you are. I love you all and I will repay your kindness!!!

So yesterday, I came back to my beautiful clean country, to my beautiful calm and polite Swedes, to my beautiful clean BLACK home, to my beautiful black things, to my pink boyfriend (lol) , to my beautiful black life.

I haven’t talked to a single soul yet today and it feels SO good. It is all nice and quiet. No phones are ringing, nobody to take care of, and not mountains of responsibilities hanging over my head.

I came home to a chilly October Halloweeny evening yesterday with my boyfriend waiting for me at the buss stop. The streets are filled with orange and yellow leaves, the trees are half naked, apart from the chestnut trees, those are holding up for 1st of November :) The atmosphere was so calm, I though I was on heroin. The absolute nirvana. I thought : “ honey I’m home!” And my eyes got teary.

At home, all our “children” were waiting for me with Swedish and Pirate flags waving. The kitchen smelled of the tortelloni and in the living room there was my favorite Californian. 2 black candles, a welcome home card from all the “children”, a brand new Tassmania with the most beautiful Halloween orange flowers aaaaand my favorite perfume LouLou!!! I was this close buying Loulou many times during those 2 months I was away and even yesterday when I was in Denmark and then when I arrived here I was looking for Loulou at the tax free shop, but couldn’t find it. Pink boyfriend heard my thoughts ;)

I am back home just in time for Halloween, so today I am going PUMPKIN hunting!!! I think it’s kinda late but I’ll give it a try. And I want to buy some candy for my trick or treaters :D

So, Ladies and Lads … tell the girls that I am back in town :D

02 So Tell the Girls That I Am Back in Town.wma
Tags: friends, happy, home, loulou, sweden

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