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Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

what about dexter ? ...

So, Halloween is over :(

A rockabilly coffee, a couple of Americas’ finest Ales, (Oregon produces more than hazelnuts and timber)  a Bloody Mary and a few glasses of wine later, I walked back home. Good company, an abundance of Horror flicks on TV and Scream Awards.

Mmmm Johnny Deeeeeeeeepp ….

Halloween is not really over yet though … there are a few tricks up my sleeve. Besides … for us “goth types” (smirk) everyday is Halloween!!! Yeah? Yeah!


Ok I’ve been away for almost 2 months so I have a lot of catching up to do. Lots of movies and lots of TV series. I have still yet to see the last episode of True Blood’s season 2. I am savoring it!!! I want season 3 to start NOW!!!


So I thought I’d start with Dexter.

(minor spoiler ahead)

Got myself a
Brie with truffles and my darling Cline and lied on my lovely USA soffa and prepared for glory. Hmm I get what they are trying to do … but … sadly ladies and gentlemen … I think Dexter is dead and is already starting to smell. First episode of new season sucked so bad I fell asleep!!! No really …. I fell asleep!!! I have to watch the last 15 minutes again. It was awful!!! Me? Sleeping during my favorite TV boyfriend?!!!?? Who knew? What next? True Blood will become a sit com?? House will turn to religion???? Be gone Satan!!! That episode was so miserable, I felt suicidal. Yeah yeah, it was supposed to be funny. Hmmm … I cannot help but wonder though … was it supposed to be funny to everyone … ? Or only to those who had children and ended their life in a mountain of smelly diapers and sexless marriages?  Those who cannot but laugh with their misery! Those who feel sorry for themselves yet cannot but suffer the harsh reality of their sad day-to-day existence.


Oh, the humanity!!!

Oh shut up, it is exactly like that and you know it.

Moreover … holly mother of all that’s sacred … that baby!!! WHY???? Oh my fucking Jesus lord of the idiots!!!! WHY? Why was that baby SO ugly? What an abomination of a creature!!! This, along with Aragorn’s child in LOTR (III) must be the most disgusting creatures on earth. After those two, it must be the cockroaches. (unless there is another ugly baby lurking somewhere in some dark womb) Oh yes I do have an aversion towards children, but this has nothing to do with the fact that this baby was so revolting I had to look away from the TV many times. And what is the deal with this woman? WHO the crap is calling and asking to sing to a fucking baby over the fucking phone? Although I have to say I liked the song in combination with the pictures of mutilated women. But, they could have done it differently (I have a crap loads of suggestions that I won’t get into right now) I hate this character more and more. Why did they have to destroy my Dexter? Poor Dexter is dead :( Dead, dead, dead! Dead like disco! Dead like Heath Ledger! This dude carrying around Dexter’s corpse is an imposter! Stop him. Stop him now!


Tags: awards, cheese, dexter, halloween, johnny depp, tv

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