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Drag me to Hell ... meh!


Drag me to …. ah well …


Hmm I have this thing with movies … I don’t wanna know much about a movie before I see it. All I need to know most of the time is the director, the actors and the title. I never watch trailers because they spoil the movie and I don’t even want to look at pictures. Reviews don’t really affect me unless there is a lot of hullabaloo about a movie. Well that happened with Drag Me to Hell. It got raving reviews. It got Scream Awards, not that this matters in any serious way, but it means that lots of people liked it. (But then again The Dark Night got raving reviews and it was as interesting as water sprinklers) Well I heard so many good things about Drag Me to Hell and I managed not to hear anything about the plot. I saw one scene in Scream Awards cause I didn’t have time to turn my head away but that made no difference to the mood I was into. You see, I was expecting Rosemary’s Baby. I was expecting, The Exorcist, I was expecting a serious Horror flick. What the Hell was I thinking? This was a comedy!

OF COURSE it was a comedy you stupid cow!!! When did Sam Raimi EVER made a serious movie? Pffff Sometimes I fool myself. The movie was fine! It was a good comedy. It wasn’t scary of course. One must be under the age of 11 to be scared with this silliness. Nevertheless, I laughed my head off. I was just a little thrown off because I was expecting something completely different. Meh. My craving for a really good, really scary Horror flick though is not satisfied. What am I gonna do? What is out there now? Well shit loads of movies but nothing with that description. And no, I do not want to watch yet again another ancient film. I want new stuff. Pfff I don’t have the head to look now. I am going shoe shopping.
YES, again!

I have to say, I was looking for shoes all this time I was in Greece and nada. Apart from two stores my friend C. showed me (from which I bought some sluty shoes) but nothing I really wanted for everyday use.

And then I came back home!!!!

I died and went to shoe heaven.

I bought one pair and there are 3 more waiting for me. I refrain myself from extravagant shopping because I will pretty soon be broke. But from the 3 pairs waiting there is one pair of boots I am definitely getting.

By the way since I bought this magnificent sporty casual pair I am getting compliments on my shoes all the time. Ah it feels good to be back on track ;)

Lovely isn't it?



And this is my boot to buy:




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