Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Thanksgiving and Icy dreams!

I’m working on a news web page. I am going to get paid for it so I am doing my best to remember my one and only webdesign class I took a trillion years ago.

Our internet connection was on a halt for 2 days but now we go new faster connection. Downloading a 4 giga file within 6-7 minutes. Not too shabby ey? ;)

Christmas beers are here. We got quite a few bottles. Well now we MUST buy an extra wine refrigerator because there is literally NO room for food in the fridge.

I loved Halloween but now it is time for Thanksgiving. I want to celebrate with stuffed turkey, mmmm cranberry sauuuuce …. drool drool drool, sweet potatoes, cornbread, oyster stew, wine (of course) pumpkin pie, a good American apple pie, ice tea, fruit cake, some candy, a strong cup of coffee and a cigar! I might need an ambulance after that but eh what the hell I’ve got to have SOMETHING to be thankful for this GOD awful year!!! It may as well be a good Thanksgiving dinner!!!

Well the problem is … I am not much of a kitchen person. Sure I could make the apple pie. Who the hell is going to do he rest? Let’s say Ronnie is willing to fix the turkey … ok … that could solve a big problem … but the rest? Crap! Who am I kidding? I need originality here. It would only work if I had friends here who celebrate and know how to celebrate this stupid tasty holiday. Why don’t I have any American friends in Sweden ey? I could tagalong and stick to them like a tick ... to eat their food lol. Ah well, I have some time left … who knows … maybe until the 27th of November I meet a nice American family who wants to feed us. (hehe) Of course one thing I could not do from here on Thanksgiving day is to see the parades. I want to see the Parade in New York or in St Louis. By the way, lol, did you know that there was an IKEA Thanksgiving Day Parade in Pennsylvania???

I love the balloons I love the idea on standing at some spot in New York , looking at the parade, eating cotton candy or caramelled apples!!!

You know of course I don’t give diddly squat for the meaning of the holiday, or ANY holiday (well unless it is Halloween :p) I like all holidays religious or not, meaningful or not, for one reason and one reason only. Human contact and communication with family ….. Eh! Not! Boouhaha! I got you! Heh! The truth of course is FOOD!!!! I wonder really, how come I am not beastlyly (lol) fat with my obsession with delicacies and spirits

Hmmm I wonder how’s, the food like on Hanukkah …

AAAAAAAA!!!! I want to finally get a normal job with a monthly paycheck and paid vacation days. I want to travel. Apart from the obvious, North Pole, Greenland and Alaska I want to go to New York (micro-brewery hunting), New Orleans (Vampire hunting … heh), Wine Country (well duh … wine hunting!), San Francisco(music hunting), Los Angeles (shoe hunting … errr I meant shopping) and finish up with Las Vegas (human hunting …or something similar :p)

And then go back to Greenland to cool off with some ice fishing … minus the fishing … just sitting in front of a hole on the ice is enough for me.

Talking about ice again … I was thinking … one of the things I really want to do is go on one of those observation stations in North Pole and spend a year there … or at least 6 months. The problem is that I am not a scientist so I don’t see that ever actually happening. What am I going to observe as a non scientist?? Ice melting perhaps? The thing?

Ah well .. one day I might be able to at least visit one of those stations! One thing is for sure, I am going alone. Ronnie said: “Wild horses could NOT drag me there!!!” Lol! So I’m gonna be all by myself. Just me and my parka!

Ronnie thinks I’m gonna be backchopped to pieces or insane!
I think he is watching too many horror flicks, heh.

Ah well I am going back to my throat pills and a couple of episodes of Doctor G

I hope I’m better tomorrow because I have a lohohoooong way to go with the web page I’m building :s

Oh yes this is the song of the day :)

I love the Puppini version :D



P.S. It is not a coincidence that the hot girl is the red head;) It is always the redhead :p

cheers ;)

Tags: alaska, doctor g, thanksgiving, the puppini sisters, travelling

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