Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Dear diary ... tolerance ...

What the hell is it?

That which breaks all boundaries. That which brings people together; which makes them want to be around each other. That which makes stupidity trivial; and frivolous words don’t make us angry. And malice, and ennui, are not enough to make us kill each other.

What makes us, humans, tolerate each other in a deserted island such as this in our heads?

Are you gonna kill the baby? Eat the baby? Save the baby? Is there a baby? Does it have to? Can you tolerate the most insufferable person on earth when stranded in some hostile island in the middle of nowhere? Can you? What would you do? Would you suffer his or hers infinite stupidity just so you have some company? Or would you kill them, eat them, make shoes out of their skin and bracelets out of their teeth?

Ah well, I chose the second one. But a certain someone told me I wouldn’t be human anymore.


What is it that makes us human? Where is the line? When do we, conveniently, claim our animal instincts? And when does our, false, force fed, society ethics tell us “no … this is inhumane”

Isn’t it annoying when everything is so vague?

I wish I could share more.

But , here is a thought.

“There is nothing in the dark, that wasn’t there, when the lights were on”

Today it has been a beautiful day.

It snowed for real for the first time in months!!!

I went out and took some pictures.

My fingers froze. My clothes got wet. My camera got all foggy.

My "soul" was smiling!

All this light. All this beauty.

All this happiness. All around me.

I love winter. I love my life. I love my city!

Ah! Life is beautiful!

Happy Holidays pussycats!

Tags: dear diary, happy, snow, writing, xmas

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