Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

“Dreaming of White Christmas” no more!!! :)

It is here :D

Finally Swedish winter!!!

The snow is covering everything like a huge white fluffy cloud.

Yesterday I went to my sister’s place (15 minutes drive from my flat) and the drive was impossible. Stefan was driving towards home out of instinct. There were no streets, no signs, so nothing. But we made it … ‘cause “the Swede knows his snow” ;) lol My sister’s home was like one of those fake ones inside snow globes! I actually felt as If I was inside a snow globe!!! (minus the nausea from someone franticly shacking the snow globe) The windows in my sisters house were all white as if someone decorated them with “snow spray” On my way back home at around 01:00 the snow on the street was 50 centimeters high (1 foot 7). In the station, I had Doris Day in my mp3 player and since there was no one around … I was dancing in the snow :) In the train, every time the door opened, a sparkly mass of snow would enter the wagon like a thick white fog, accompanied by the whooshing sound of the wind! A cool breeze along with crystal particles would fill the air! And I was smiling like an idiot, looking at the snowstorm outside my window, plodding over the city!

Now, you are wondering, since Alexandra’s camera is usually attached to her like an extension of her right palm, where in bloody hell are the pictures???? Well, the reason there are no pictures from last night is … well … STUPID batteries!!! Alexandra has been very sloppy with her camera’s batteries lately. But Alexandra is gonna make it up to Alexandra soon, with lots and lots of snow pictures :)

Ok but there ARE a couple of pictures from this morning.

Well of course you can not see the magnitude of the snow from within my apartment, which by the way is in the middle of the city, so that means there is at least half a meter (1 foot 7) less snow here.

The best view is a bit away from the center … not too far … one or two train stations from here.

Like so ...

(news video link)

fint va?

My dad, who is at my sister’s now, ( yes he is visiting for the holidays … and by the by, yes he has already managed to annoy the crap out of me) He called this morning and told me that there is one meter of snow on the street (3 foot 3), and one and a half meter of snow on the balconies (5 feet).

The snow storm this morning was magnificent.

I made me a nice big cuppa joe, put on spotify a collection of Johnny Mercer - yes I started with Too Marvelous for Words because that is what I was thinking about my beautiful city :) - I sat on my treasure chest by the window and enjoyed …

Ah! “Dreaming of White Christmas” no more!!! :)

Tags: dear diary, happy, snow, winter, writing, xmas

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