Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

11:20 (running out of titles)

I am listening to Hoagy Carmichael, drinking a cup of Christmas coffee and looking outside my window the bright winter sky and the sun shining on the glimmering snow on the beautiful rooftops. Even though I despise laptops. Yeah, I think they are imposters, pretending to be computers. I don’t have to explain, I just hate laptops. They are STUPID! But it has been a while now that Ronnie boy got one from his job, and I have to say it has been very convenient at times. Now for example I like sitting by the window writing and after I have used mu pen and paper for my real writing, I always want to write a little in my journal, and sometimes it is my “other” journal, sometimes it is this one. Well this one is online and it is forcing me to move away from my window. So now this little imposter is doing fine sitting on my lap;) It is convenient having a laptop sometimes ;)

(Man, I like Hoagy)


Soon I’m going out for a nice winter walk. (Ok, and a little shopping)

I am waiting for my father to come from my sister’s place. He has already complained from over the phone TWICE today. Is he growing too old? Or am I getting more and more intolerant towards his “old man bullshit”. When he saw me two days ago, for the first time after LESS than a month, he asked me again if I dyed my hair red. “You were blond last time weren’t you?” O_o It is the second time he does this. I have been blond only once in my life and that was almost 2 years ago. I gave my sister the look … that look that said: “ I TOLD YOU SO! I told you he is getting senile!!!” And the look finished with a shake of my head … more like a nod … saying: “this is the window … look inside … it is YOUR turn”


Ursh! I said I will NOT complain. It is the bloody Holidays. It is so irritating reading someone NAGGING all the bleeding time.

No, that is it.

It won’t be about my annoying family these holidays. I refuse to spend more energy on that. Then again, if I don’t write it here, then I’m gonna have to pester my boyfriend about it … nah … I’d rather complain here … But, in moderation;)


Tags: dear diary, family, writing

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