Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

“Don’t disturb my circles!”

Working on a web page again. It is unknown when the money will land in my purse. I don’t like making web pages.


Playing Silent Hill 5 from the beginning because I stopped at the cemetery and then I got it on Xbox … And I really prefer playing it on the Xbox. So now I am out of the cemetery. For the first time I play it alone. And I have to say I am so much better than anybody else I’ve ever played with. Why do I always rely on other's skills in playing and I sit back and observe it is beyond me now. I had no idea but I am such an excellent player ;)


Now dig this. My favorite wine is made by a half Italian half Greek born American!!! Groovy!
I am planning to send him a letter.


My writing has come to a halt again … I seem to have lost a couple of pages from when “Charles” was in a comma. (or was I in a comma … ?! ..)


I need anger management. Ever since I was forced to go to Greece last September, something broke in my head. I can get furious at a drop of a hat. Not angry, but FURIOUS!!! Foaming at the mouth furious. Fuming smoke furious. And since I know my anger is exaggerated I don’t really act on it, instead I gather it all under my tongue and I wait … but sometimes I explode and spit words I do not mean and then I get even more furious because I really wanted to mean them ….

I’m off to my Monday Pizza and then I’ll go on deciphering my “Charles” …


So …

"Noli turbare circulos meos"

Tags: computer games, dear diary, games, silent hill, video games, writing, xbox

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