Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

World Wide Stout and 120 Minute IPA .... Oh man!!!

Those who have a little knowledge about beer, they are definitely familiar with 2 really famous ones.

The World Wide Stout  and the 120 Minute IPA.


These two belong to the category “Things I want to taste before I die”


Also, too fucking expensive and almost impossible to find in Sweden.

But our good friend Örjan just came from New York and … well yes, he brought us 2 of each.
Weeeeeeeee  :D

I have to say, we have been Ale Blessed this new year so far:)




… my boyfriend and I must be the geekiest couple I know … I don't know why but I laugh with chats like this ...

Here … dorks chatting:

LAntichristo! says:

he brought the beers?

Ronnie says:

yes motherfucker

LAntichristo! says:


Ronnie says:

he found both

LAntichristo! says:

No way

Ronnie says:

and he bought two of each

LAntichristo! says:


Ronnie says:

and he refused to take money for them


He paid $40 for all the beers. In Sweden one of them costs 310 kr. IFyou find it. The other one is impossible to find and would probably cost the same or more.
So it's like 1400 kronor of beer I
m gonna carry home

can't wait to try them... oboyoboyoboyoboy

LAntichristo! says:

He paid 40 dollars? You must be kidding.

Ronnie says:

World Wide Stout is brewed once a year!

I'm like kid on Christmas

  The stout we got is from 2008

which means it's aged

the cheapest one in USA from 2008 is 19 dollars.

imagine what THOSE would be in Sweden

i.e. what we have

LAntichristo! says:


Ronnie says:

and the bottles look very modest

LAntichristo! says:

Yes yes, so I was thinking, maybe we can wait and sell them and from the money buy tickets to go to New York and drink them there instead lol

Ronnie says:


i thought of the same thing dude

LAntichristo! says:



pizza and torteloni with Silent Hill today?

Ronnie says:

and vino

LAntichristo! says:

Right on.

Tags: ale, geeks, happy, ronnie

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