Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Going out …


I am going out this BEAUTIFULL snowy day!!! :D

It is snowing snowflakes from Heaven!!! They are THIS big!!! And I am SOOOO Happy! Sadly it is only -5C (23F) kinda warm for my taste but eh, it’s ok.

I am going to check the final sales at the stores so I hope I won’t come back with more shoes …. (or do I ?)

I will eat fish with almonds for lunch and I really want half a glass of
California’s finest! Ah, I love Americans!
Yeah yeah, I know,  their patriotism and fucked up pride is annoying … but man … when I put Cline on my lips I think : “Well you SHOULD be proud motherfuckers”!!!


But I digress …

It is so beautiful outside I am going to walk with a big smile like an idiot and chuckle at anyone that looks remotely grumpy ;)

Times like these make me feel really evil!!!! I really enjoy people's misery like that. Because you  know … if you don’t like it … then leave! That’s what I did when I lived in a country I didn’t like (the weather or anything else about it) I got the fuckoutathere.

So I really chuckle with grumpy faces … out loud .. sometimes I even point.


No I don’t

Yes I do.

Well you’ll never know until you see me on the street pointing at you going : “HA-HA” (you know, Simpson’s fat bully style)


Shalom aleichem

Tags: dear diary, happy, snow, winter, writing

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