Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

not much happening ...

So a lot of things are in order.
A lot of things are in a state of numbing chaos.
I am really enjoying Good Omens, it would make a good movie too.

Still haven't found the right frame for our puzzle - Oh yeah  We finished it four days ago, it took us 30 days, without puzzling everyday - So today we took a nice long walk and looked around for frames but ... no dice. However we found more puzzles and we bought two. One, that I really wanted, of a famous Swedish painting, with 1.000 pieces and one with 2.000 pieces that Ronnie wanted, which I really don't think we will make in this flat; there is no room.

Now I am resting my feet on my favorite chair, sorting out some of the pictures I took the last couple of days. Outside it is snowing and I am enjoying a hot mug of chocolate.

I really want to stay in and puzzle away but we have bought tickets to finally go and watch stupid Avatar. I SO don't want to go. But Ronnie really wants to see it and I must admit I am also curious. I mean ... it is on the theaters since bloody December and it still goes on and all the rooms are filled and it is still hard to find decent seats. I think though that I booked good seats now and if I don't have the same luck I always do and some alcoholic or some old man with terrible body odor and/or some obnoxious bitch talking throughout the movie, won't sit beside me ...  it will all be okay.

over and out ...

Tags: books, movies, puzzles

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