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My Avatar review and the 3D ups and downs (minor spoilers maybe)

My lil review here has minor spoilers (I’m mentioning what the movie is about) … but not real spoilers like revealing secrets and such (the are no secrets really to tell anyway)


So, Avatar was indeed extraordinary!!!!!

Well the story was, well you know, same ol’ same ol’, evil military and corporate people go to a land to take from the nice hippie wise people their stuff. It was developed and presented rather naively with lots and lots of gaps. But fuck the story. Who cares about a movie like that? Really, they could have been speaking Klingong for all I care, (which they kinda did).

This was my second ever 3D movie. The first one was Coraline. And although Coraline was really amazing ... the 3D effects did not give me such a hard slap in the face like Avatar did.

The little comment on the poster,"From the director of the Titanic" , makes one NOT to want to watch this movie.
It would be more apealing, to me at least, if they'd say, " from the director of ... oh I don't know ... ALIENS!!!?!!!
Pfffffff blithering idiots!!!

Firstly, dare I say that the computer animation technology is close to perfect right now.

The creatures were not that ugly as they seem on the pictures. Some were actually rather pretty.  I didn’t like their noses though but that is a matter of taste I guess ;)

However I have to say that there are down sides to the 3D experience, but I don’t know if everyone has the same effects, so let me elaborate.

The down side:

So, the down side is that in the action scenes, when everyone is moving around really fast, sometimes everything becomes really really blurry, to a point I thought my glasses were actually dirty and I had to clean them. As a result not only I don’t see the 3D effect but I don’t really see anything. What's more, I get awfully motion sick. I am generally sensitive in that department so maybe if you are not suffering from motion sickness then maybe you won’t feel a thing or maybe it will be so minor it won’t bother you. One more thing that follows with all that is pain in my eyes. But it seems that you get used to it after a while and you get less and less of those effects. The blurriness never really goes away on the super action scenes though. And finally, they must do something with the glasses, like make different sizes or something, because man , I see my own face. I press the glasses to my face to the point my nose hurts, yet, still I see the reflection of my face.

The up side:

It is simply the best thing I have ever experienced so far at the movies!!! There are some moments so indescribably extraordinary, so breathtaking, that they wipe completely off the down side of the 3D effect I mentioned earlier. The fact that you follow the characters everywhere is pure magic!!! When you are used to see an actor falling but you don’t follow, the opposite comes as a shock. No, really, this was almost as good as a “flying dream”. If you’ve never dreamt you’re flying then you are a very unfortunate creature, but watching this movie will get you as close as it gets. I am sure it would be impressive to watch it in no 3D as well since most of the movie is based on the “spectacle”, but the actual point of watching it IS the 3D and the 3D only.

Simply astonishing!!!

Yes, the technology has yet to develop, but man, what an experience!!!!!!!! It was definitely worth the 150 kr.

And I was very lucky with the people around me, everyone behaved, everything went perfect. Moreover, I NEVER got bored!!! Not a dull moment! Really, the 2 hours and 40 minutes passed like a breeze!!!

To be fair, maybe the story was bleak with gaps and nonsense, butt there were some really great ideas and the alien world itself, aside from the story, had some beautiful mythology!

So there, I was pleasantly surprised and truly overwhelmed.

I’d see it again.


Over and out.



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