Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

At my sister's house ..

I’m spending the night at my sister’s house today. The whole family went skiing. Ye, it is this time of the year when schools are off for winter sports. Mother is all alone here so I came to keep her company. It is really beautiful here. The snow in the city is not as intense as here. Here there are still mountains of it all around. I’m glad I took my camera with me. Tomorrow I’ll take a walk on the lake and take some more pictures :)

I am not visiting that often. And although it is just 15 minutes drive from my place, it as if you are on the country side. But  when my sister and her children are here I just DIE from boredom. Not to mention the suicidal, homicidal and self mutilation tendencies I get from spending more than an hour with children. This place smells like children. It stinks. I opened up all the windows and sprayed my perfume allover to make my stay more tolerable.

Mother went to bed since 21:30. I have been reading and writing on and off. I want to get to bed and wake up really early but I can’t decide which room to sleep into.


By the by, here are some pictures from my flat 2 days ago.

My kitchen from the inside ...

And my kitchen from the outside ... ;)

Cool ey?

Oh and here's the moon at 10:30 in the morning, the same day.

I love the fact that when the sky is clear of clouds, you always see the moon here :)

Okay ... not the best moon picture. But I took it without a tripod and hanging from my window in an awkward position.

The weather is still humoring me :)
When, almost everyone around me is miserable, I smile a big smile thinking “God damn I said I want winter until the end of March and it is happening”  heheh

 I also said I want the last snow to melt in the beginning of April. I want naked frozen trees with an idea of green, and melting snow all around for my birthday.

Let’s see what happens.

Okay I have to admit. I wouldn’t mind if the snow would stay until June The only reason I want some weeks of no-snow is because I want to start wearing my new shoes.  (all 6 pairs of em *blush* ) No I am not wearing shoes in the house. I am not going to destroy the floors for my vanity. In my mother’s house, 15 years ago, I made a hell of an artwork on the living room wooden floor. I used to wear those 15’ shoes with the stiletto heels INDOORS. Can you imagine? Greeks do not take their shoes off in the house. How awful! Uncomfortable, insanitary, destructive and not to mention unhygienic for the feet.

Yeah so, a couple of weeks of summer for my feet to get into my very pretty, very uncomfortable shoes would be peachy.

But for now I am enjoying this big fluff of fluffy fluffiness all around me! :D
Oh I can’t wait to get on the frozen lake with my camera tomorrow.


Au revoir.

Oh yeah … hmm ... a moment ago I thought I saw  Satan ... on the front door’s window.
My heart is still beating double speed.


 It turns out it was just the Xmas garland my sister has failed to take down.

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