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Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Backwalking, paragliding and stuff …

Today it was a Good day!!!

So, I’m still at my sister’s house. I found Stefan’ s vintage 70s ski trousers (made in Austria ladies and gentlemen). They are now mine  >_<

I forced mother out of the house. Hurray!!! The last four five days we have really beautiful sunny days. The snow is tons and tons around us, the temperature below zero and the sun shining away! A bit too warm for my taste (-5 to -7) but perfect for walking.

We walked on the beautiful frozen lake for 2 hours. I almost cried from jealousy I couldn’t skate too; But what really made me green was the paragliders! I want to do It tooooooooooooooo. It looked so peaceful … so beautiful!!! Flying around over the lake with a pair of skates landing and flying and landing and flying and turning and … ahhhh. Well, it wasn’t traditional paragliding … it must be called something else. They had this little sit with the little engine on (that was a little noisy) and it sort of helped with the flying, but the big thingy on top ( the parachute?) was what was helping with the flight. (whoever knows more about it is very welcome to correct and inform me)

Meffff I didn’t take a video because I had such low battery and I wanted it to last, but I took some pictures of one flying dude at least.

Everyone had some sort of gadget-y transportation-mean-toy with them. Skis, skates, snowshoes, long blades, sledges, paraglides, pulling dogs. I only had my feet. Well, I cannot complain. It was really nice. (When I finally buy skates I’m gonna be here all the time.) I had a great walk with mother, who enjoyed it very much too. Plus, I walked almost the whole time backwards. Something I always LOVED to do. But, I can only do on a frozen lake without ever turning to look where I’m going. Backwalking should be an Olympic sport! It is so bloody relaxing! Since I was a kid I was dreaming of a magic place where people could backwalk without the fear of falling down. And here I find it every winter :) I love to do it and look up in the sky or have my eyes closed, totally relaxed and empty of thoughts. But in a breathtaking landscape like that who wants to have their eyes closed? (I mean you must be an absolute moron not to be able to find rapture in this landscape)

In the end when I turned to walk forward I got dizzy and nauseated. I had to turn back and forth a couple of times to get used to it again.

I have taken lots of pictures but my camera’s battery died when the day was still young :( I didn’t bring the loader with me so it was really disappointing because there are so many pictures I didn’t have the chance to take … meh next time …

I will upload when I go back to my place.

Now it is time for my night walk. I don’t have my mp3 player with me … (lotsa things I didn’t bring with … I left in a hurry) but the sound of snow under my feet is a song itself :)




S.N. Ardnaxela

Tags: dear diary, family, happy, ice, mother, snow, winter

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