Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Oscars? O_O

So the time in the sleepy suburb is over

I took another long evening walk on the beautiful frozen lake by myself. There was no living thing in sight. The whole lake was mine. I started singing and the isolation from the snow made my voice dry and soft. Lovely I thought. I wrote a new song then and there. Lovely winter nature! No bugs, no sweat, no bird-shit, no other animal shit , no bugs, no bad smells, no bugs … oh I said that … yeah … well … no bugs, no bugs, no bugs!

I used the ski sticks for the first time and I am not really sure if I liked them or not since I was mostly walking backwards. I guess they could be helpful.

I am staying now a bit longer here, with my laptop attached to me, waiting for the fucking kids to eat so that I can see my sis for a few minutes before I finally go back to my beautiful black home, to my darling man, who has cooked for me and a good bitter beer is waiting for me.

I was planning to stay up late today and watch the bloody Oscars, but to my disappointment, the stupid asshole Swedish television asshole assholes decided not to show it live this year O_O Because they said that they are showing sports and politics this year and there is not much interest in the Oscars ……  What sports? What politics? What the hell?

I am so annoyed. They decided to show the highlights the day after.

Right. The day after I’m going to download it.

Peh! I slept over today and drunk lotsa coffee just for this crap .. and now my eyes are going to be open wide like a corpse’s  O_O


Who’s gonna keep me company tonight?

Hmmm Auntie Mame perhaps … again …



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