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Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

4 days in suburbia (part 2 of 2)

Note I: This is the second part of my 4 days in suburbia. Again I have to say that This is a long post with a LOT of pictures (40 to be exact) so it might take sometime to load. Be patient.  While waiting, have a lolli, take a walk, go make coffee, take out the garbage, go pleasure yourself … whatever swings your hips.  Then again, it might take less than you think so ... sit back and stretch -

On the other hand if your pc or mac is garbadge ... don't even bother ...

Note II:
I have now changed the directory to the larger view of my photos; So, (for some pictures, not all) you can now click a second time to have and even larger view.

Enjoy :D

The path around the frozen lake.


The paraglider 

Alexandra Longstocking  On the Frozen Lake

I really needed sunglasses there …

Looking at the iceroads, not being able to skate too, is a terrible feeling … I felt like a poor hungry kid pressing its nose against the glass on a Bakery window …

Beautiful thick ice! Makes me want to stick my tongue on it ...

Mother looking at the paraglider …

Mother and I

This is the ramp from which people jump into the water in the summer time

This is the Baywatch station where the lifeguard usually chills in the summertime.

Old timer getting some vitamin D …

From the Baywatch Station

The ramp looks like a shipwreck in the snow ...

Mother pointing at an UFO in the sky … ( it was an airplane after all …)

Old timer had enough vitamin D …

Ok, there is a little story behind the following picture...

Every week I post one picture to a photography themed forum. Every week there is a photo competition. The mods of the forum put up a theme and everyone who is a member , and has an LJ account , gets to post one picture. The point is to read the Theme in advance and go out and take pictures you think are appropriate for the theme.

Having that in mind the Theme for this week (Mon 8th until the 14th of March) was already announced while I was on the lake. The theme is: “Adventure”.

When I saw the old man getting up from his “thingamajig”, struggling away with the frozen wheels that were stuck in the snow, I thought: “Man, this must be an adventure for the old geezer …”. A cartoon flash went on over my head and I said out loud : “ADVENTURE”! So, snap snap, and the picture for this week’s competition is this one.

I don’t know if I’m gonna win or not (there isn’t much competition yet as I am the only one who has posted so far  :(  But I really love this picture.

The reason I am not posting the link of forum here, is because I don’t want people going there and voting for me regardless of their opinion of the picture, because that is cheating.

But I am going to post my picture of the week, with the title of the theme from now on here, just for you to see and not try to find the forum to vote. (unless you are already a member of the forum and you really really believe I deserve your vote :p) So there you have it:




My Vintage (70s)Austrian Ski Trousers that once belonged to my, very young and very thin, brother in law Stefan.

And now my favorites :)

Water drops …ice melting …
What a little breeze can do …

I am getting good at this …

This is my favorite from this group

A man Training his dog … I am so jealous … I wish I could have a dog :(

And here is when my battery dropped dead …

Till next time ….



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