Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Dollies out and the Arrival of Crows at the Church near my home …

A few pictures from the other day by the church near my home, testing lens flare and zoom lens.

Poor Pippi Doll is so freaking ugly!!! But I love her because of it … because she is an outcast … because … of all my dollies … this is the one I really didn’t want because she looked nothing like the “real” Pippi … because she was so ugly … a victim of society’s standarts … I feel so guilty …

Background story.

I got this dolly from a wonderful weirdo I met on the internet a few years ago. When I told him the same story and when I told him I threw away my Pippi Doll he asked me for my address and a few days later I got a packadge with this little darling in it.
Thano, you are still my superhero :)
If you are interested, here the link to an album I made back then (with my supershity camera) with Pippi Doll when she arrived back in mother Sweden :)

Pippi is Back and happy!

I had long black hair back then so I had to wear my niese’s Pippi Wig for the photo ;)

End of Background story.


Look at this blue sky man! Look at it!!! It looks like it is photoshoped but it isn’t!!!

This lence is very good with colors, it has almost 100% accuracy!

You will not find a blue sky like this one apart from the north, I promisse!!!!


Moving on …

Nice work with the light-filter lens …. These are my favorites




Here, the streetlights seem to be on but they are not. It is the sun reflecting through them. I think this one is quite successful, almost againt the sun with a slight purple lens flare.


The grass makes its first appearance beneath the snow …

The crows arrived and it was so beautiful! At some point they were flying around and around and around the church and the whole thing was like a horror movie …

This was not a big family of crows, yet it was a pleasure to watch .. soon the big flocks will arrive and it will be a magnificent time for pictures. I hope that by that time I will get a litlle better in photographing moving targets ... I still kinda suck …

I love how they triumphantly sit on the cross, each in its own spot, as if choreographed!

Playing with the lights here …. A church with crows flying around it always looks better in the twilight :p

And of course a crooked photograph is essential ;)


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