Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Talking about the weather, or else … my vanity post.

This winter we reached -21C (-5,8F) and I didn’t feel a thing! It was nothing. It was actually  pleasant! But, this Sunday it was just -2C (28,4 F) and I thought I was going to break. The wind man, the wind is all it takes to make cold unbearable. Specially when I went up on the hill … brrrrr ….. but then, a few steps away and behind the secure shelter of a red wooden house, I found salvation under the Scandinavian sun … I thawed there for a few moments and then I walked to the other island and had a  glass of hot chockolate with whipped crème

Cool creepy shadow here makes it look like I have a crazy scar on my face. Me likes.

I love these colors!

(by the by that’s a new purse :p)

Insinuating much????!

Well I just HAVE to take pictures of shadows … it is almost compulsory!

"Now, let's fuck off , I am cold"

"You can stay if you like ... I am running from the hills"

"Ah ... here we are"

"Ok now do not talk to me for a while ..."

I treated myself one of those today aswell .. . yum yum

Ah, life is good :)
And oh "orlright" I think I may allow spring to come in a month or so ;)
For no other reason than it is almost time to put some nice shoes on.

Tags: cold, me, photography, pictures, red, red hair, snow, spring, whipped cream, yum

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