Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Bored ...

Waking up at the crack of dawn everyday without having a job is so frustrating. First of all, all the stores are closed. Everything opens after 09:00. Clothing stores after 10:00, lazy assess. Almost everyone I know is either sleeping or on their way to work. And I cannot even go out running, which would be the normal thing to do this early in the morning, but I don’t have appropriate shoes for sunning on ice. And at this time of year the streets are a breath away from a broken leg if you are not careful. So here I am, 07:00 in the morning, all dressed up and ready for action. And I don’t have anything to do until 10:00. I am too restless to sit down and read or write or do anything creative. Caffeine kicks in and I want to get up and renovate the whole city. I feel I can lift mountains. I go through all the job adds, I apply to ALL, and then blank. Those 3 extra hours I am SO bored.

Yet I don’t seem to be doing anything about the spring cleaning I’ve been talking about since February … Okay this is it. It is time for some serious cleaning … Closet number 3 is time to empty and give away to the Red Cross and Stockholms Stadsmission. Then I will do some shopping to the same places and it is a circle … I think I should work in one of those places since I do all my recycling there … And spend most of my mornings there. Today I am waiting for the pharmacy to open to go buy my mother’s very expensive very heavy psycho pills.

Also I think I want to sell all my CD’s


Oh Lord I’m SO bored. I wish I had a fast forward button so that it was 10:00 already! grrr Or I had a giant hair dryer to melt the ice so I could go running ... or had good shoes so that I could run in the ice ......
MOVE you stupid clock ....
Maybe I should switch to decaf ... EW ... no ... tasteless coffee ... ew ew ew ...

I'm off ...

Tags: boredom, rumbling

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