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My Birthday the 3rd of April

So, on my birthday (April the 3rd ) it was also Holy Saturday (almost makes you wanna say Holy Shit), so stuff was happening in the city.


I woke up early and I got my book and my mini cake! :)



Then I admired the black lilies I got the night before from J&R.

I love love love this type of lilies, they have sentimental value because they remind me of my childhood, when I was about 4 years old, before everything turned to shit. The fact that my friends found "black" ones, was unintentionally (yet appreciated) moving. I will do my best not to kill them.


Then I opened my birthday card from M.
Here it is, on the piano with Alexandra Jr.



But .... I really couldn’t help it, … I’m sorry I had to do this …

You see ... I already have the pointy hat . Muhahehehehuhahaha! (Witch’s laughter)

And I have one thing to say to you. I still get asked for my ID at the liquor store … :p

Last time, it was yesterday ;)



So after I played around with my puzzle, Ronnie and I went to meet Anna at the café near my home to have a birthday brunch.

This is not a very flattering picture but man it was still very early ;)

Anna bought me my meal and a cookie;)

It is a shame she didn’t want to come with us at the concert later that evening, because I am sure she would have a good time, but on the other hand I enjoy the breakfast, lunch and dinner birthday:)


I don’t have pictures from the club because I didn’t really feel like taking pictures (weird) I really wanted to enjoy the music, drink and dance. But, it would have been great if I had at LEAST one picture because J&R came all cute and dressed up just for the occasion. They looked as if they jumped right out of the movie Grease


We went to this concert:THE BUNNY BONANZA

At a lovely place called The Regent Club.

I had a GREAT time! I loved loved loved loved it!!!!

We watched

Southside Stalkers.

Chris n PoBoys

Evil Emil & King Kongo Cobras

So the Southside Stalkers. They were alright but kinda boring. (it was only half the band playing so maybe that’s why)


Then the really really REALLY cool band came on stage, Chris n PoBoys!!!! They were all dressed in murky brown suits, about a hundred year old each (them and the suits) and they had all these beautiful instruments, all stacked up on this tiny tiny stage ( the contrabass alone was taking half the space up there) The played this old style Cajun music that really blew my mind. I was terribly moved and very very very impressed with the bass player. He was a kind of small and sour man, Robert De Niro in Casino style, who was handling this huge instrument with such ease and grace, it made you think it was light as a feather (and it is NOT … I have lifted a contrabass … it weighs a ton)

I was dancing from the beginning to the end. I LOVED them. I want to see them again!!!

Here is a little video I found on myspace, but it is not with all the original members so the bass player in the video is an extra :( but you will get some kind of idea what type of music they play!!!

And then!!!!

Evil Emil came out!

What can I say?! These guys are geniuses! First of all they are all incredible musicians! And well … you gotta be, if you are playing Zydeco

- Bithcy parenthesis starts here - I am so tired of all these untalented people blinging blonging on a synthesizer, throwing a ton of make up on their ugly big noses, showing their genitalia and claim they are musicians (or worst …”artists”) Or, all those dirty, sleazy longhaired flea-carriers with a guitar that screams bloody murder and they call it heavy metal , and this, they think, it’s music.

Don’t get me wrong … I enjoy some of this shit as well. I just do not consider them musicians and I have zero respect for them. I consider them entertainers, some cheaper than others. - Bithcy parenthesis ends here -

Such immense talent, such power such depth. Listening with the musician’s ear you just fall on your knees. Listening with the an untrained ear you just want to burst in dancing! And that’s what happened when Emil came out.

Of course you must either like this type of music or be a musician to fully understand and appreciate it.  Cajun and  Zydeco are very special types of music. Not very popular with the general masses. It is almost like Contemporary Jazz … only, contemporary jazz is very difficult for the untrained ear, and earthlings like my sister may call it: pretentious jazz … - what does she know … she is watching talent shows and reality tv and listens to Shakira for fuck’s sake…. Oh I think I threw up in my mouth a little here … No wait … … wait …………. Yeah … I gotta go brush my teeth …-

The problem that night was that everyone was exhausted when Chris n PoBoys were done. And Evil Emil & King Kongo Cobras came as a slap in the face.

I think that this was a mistake. You can not have 2 leading bands playing a full concert in one night. It is exhausting! This was five hours of jumping up and down and dancing and singing and just being bewildered, bemused, bewitched!!!!

I fell in love with the dude that looked like  he was wearing an Armadillo suit. ( I have no idea what you call that instrument … if you see the video and you figure it out, please let me know)

I have found a few live videos but everything in terrible quality … So I thought it’s best to show you 2 videos.
One with my favorite song "Luna Luna" , live and REALLY bad quality but man I LOVE this song!!!! And another with a studio version of Downtown Boogie which is a mild example of their music.

I love the accordion!!!

Evil Emil & King Kongo Cobras - Luna, Luna, Luna

Downtown Boogie - Evil Emil & King Kongo Cobras


So this was my birthday. April 3rd 2010. I am now 36 years old. It is a cliché but really ... I am what I look like ;) When we went home Ronnie took some pictures of me (we realized that apart from the café in the morning we didn’t have any pictures from my birthday so here is ME (vanity) in a couple of poses in my corridor ;)



And of course … a very serious picture, yet again … with Ronnie and me.

ok ok we managed a normal one too :p But you see it in his eyes ... he is ready to ruin it lol

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