Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

still in the shithole ...

I'm still in fucking Athens ... Still waiting for the fucking doctors to decide how long dad has … and if he is going to go under surgery or chemo or whatethefuck … Things are really complicated, everyday there is a new problem in the way. Everyday another impossible trask. Everyday closer to death or further from life. A light in the horizon looks dim but hope dies last. The city has eaten me up. I avoid greek radio tv and newspapers (and people, whenever possible). I go from the hospital to the apartment and vice versa. When I’m at the apartment I try as much as I can to be in a horizontal position because who knows when I am going to sleep again? As I said … everyday it is a new ordeal, a new nightmare, a new dead end.

Everyday I’m thinking of killing myself for being here, but every day I am hoping for a change and looking afar my lovely home and my darling Viking, up in the north, waiting for me… up in the north up in the north up in the north up in the north .....

But instead of JUST complaining in this entry, I have to say that I truly Thank the Lord of all Lords in Sha'arei Tziyon and my wisdom in choosing friends …

I am thankful for Chris and Dimitra, for letting me stay at their place; cooking superb meals everyday and making an effort to find special ales for my peculiar taste and doing everything they can to cheer me up in this horrendous time!

I am thankful for Vivian, for being there always, and despite the fact that she is a hundred and seven months pregnant she is an inexorable source of information, energy and hot line, ANY time of the day; (as well as her lovely family)

Anthi, for being the ear of my rage and a willing stranger (where have you been hiding all those years my chaver?)

Marie Louise (my Star of David) an absolute angel who knows people that know people. Todah Rabbah!

And of course Vaso, who came to the hospital and literally gave her blood for dad!!!!!  (I owe you a bottle of red my darling)


Today I had the time to think a bit …

Shalom uv'racha

Stockholm awaits ...

Tags: my father's illness

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