Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Still in the shithole, part 3

Yes I am still in fucking Greece.

I am not even sad anymore. I am just angry!

The fact that there are humans still living in this country is really a phenomenon. (there is only a handful and I mentioned them in a previous post)

The majority of the population in this country is blind rabid apes in the last stage of syphilis and terminal paralyzing gonorrhea, dancing on tables at night and smoking to death all day. And this is ONLY the Greeks …. Not to mention the illegal immigrants who arrive in banana boats, loaded with toothless hookers and limbless pimps)

There is still no progress on my father’s condition.
Almost a month here, I have seen my father deteriorating and turning into a 100 year old man. I have seen him bleeding for hours and nurses talking on the phone instead of doing their job. I have seen him on an operating table like a guinea pig going under experimental procedures and I have seen the doctors failing over and over again. His blood has been poisoned by bile (the digestive liquid produced by the liver )the last 35 days because of misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis and finally no equipment. While he is in the BIGGEST hospital in Greece (as they keep on bragging), but they have no equipment or real doctors (not to mention the sheets with holes and hanging threads. Furthermore, half the doctors are accusing the other half of lying, while they REFUSE to sign a paper that says: “We cannot help this patient because of luck of equipment so you can take him abroad.”

I refrain from attacking doctors and nurses because I do not want to go to jail in Greece. (If you think Turkish Jails are bad … think again …) And please believe me, this is the ONLY reason. I have no respect for their existence. If I could, I would torture their families in front of them, rape their children with a tire iron, shit in their mouth and then kill them and feed them to the cockroaches. Which, by the way, are PLENTY in the hospital. If I wasn’t so disgusted I would take pictures of them crawling under the cancer patients’ beds)

I am still deep inside a well of uncertainty. I still do not know what exactly is wrong with my father. ( he might live 10 more years, he might die in 3 months.) Er-go, I have no fucking clue when I am going back home.
The temperature is brutal as always.

When I go back home, the first Swede (or non Swede) who will complain about the weather in Sweden … I am going to punch him/her in the eye.

I miss my baby
I miss my life
I miss my home

P.S. At least my friend Chris is a beer geek and provides our table with good stuff :D

P.P.S. Those who ask about my situation must know that
I cannot answer to every one of you individually.
I can’t even post here that often. I have no time for this. I answer privately only to my really close friends and immediate family.
This is, after all, one of the reasons I am keeping this bloody journal ... aint it? "... would you like some fucking potatoes with it?"
(ah Swedish joke ... forget about it)

Tags: my father's illness

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