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What can you get in a Greek Hospital: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Well if you live in Greece and for some reason you have been in a Greek hospital, you have the right to know what they do not tell you.  You are likely to get MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) It  is a bacterium responsible for several difficult-to-treat infections in humans.

And they do not tell you because there is no cure. Once you get it, you are a carrier and you have it for the rest of your life. So is now my poor father.

Here is a little info on the
MRSA and then some more details on the Greek Health System:

Infections most often occur in patients in hospitals and are rarely seen among the general public. All open wound patients are at increased risk of developing infection. 

In addition to causing direct infections, MRSA can spread between patients. For example, hospital staff attending to an infected patient may become contaminated with MRSA. They may then spread the bacteria to other patients.

The EARSS (European Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System ) monitors antimicrobial resistance in Europe. It maintains a comprehensive surveillance and information system that provides comparable and validated data on the prevalence and spread of major invasive bacteria such as MRSA. According to EARSS (European Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System ) Norway had less than  0.6% MRSA in 2005.


The following data has been extracted from an EARSS report covering the period 1999-2002. The data shows the proportion of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria in each country which is methicillin resistant. It does not show the incidence of MRSA infection.



Reported  %age of MRSA in 2002



United Kingdom








Czech Republic









The previous information are taken from various sources but mainly from:


My poor father went into the hospital with cancer, and he was sent away with Sepsis, MRSA and another infection in his blood.

The Greeks  told him to go home for a month and they gave him a series of cortisone pills to CURE his potential Pancreatitis (because they thought it is not cancer but Pancreatitis.)So  we thought why wait in Athens in the horid summer? Let’s go to Sweden while waiting for the supposed cortisone “therapy” to work before they move into further procedures.

 In Sweden, the first day we called the hospital and asked a few questions because father had fever. They immediately told us to bring him here in the hospital and they immediately put him in the I.C.U. and found all these infections and the Sepsis that was quite aggressive. The Swedes here could not understand what was the whole business with the cortisone. They said that this is NOT standard procedure for a University Hospital. It is NOT a standard procedure for ANY Hospital!!!

BUT, in the beginning, because Swedes are very careful with what they say, and they like to be very thorough and  investigate before come to conclusions … they investigated and baffled as they were, they gathered in a conference for a couple of days to talk about this cortisone and Pancreatitis business. And they came to the conclusion that IT IS A MYSTERY!!! It is unheard of!!!!!!

In other words, the doctor said … it is SO illogical and unscientific and has absolutely no basis!!!

 In MY words, it is as if trying to cure fever with a shoe!!!

Not only the Pancreatitis theory is unlikely (although the doctor said we should always leave a 5%) But the “CURE” they supposedly were giving him was a JOKE!!!!

So the Greeks sent him go home and told him to go back in a MONTH while taking cortisone. Mean while they had given him all these OTHER infections …..

The Swedes here changed the catheter to a new one. I had to be in the room and hear him screaming. I had to be in there to translate. They couldn’t give him more anesthetic because it would cause him heart problems since he has taken so many unnecessary medication. The gull coming out of his body in that little greek bag, was all black and green with small pieces of blood. After the Swedes changed it, the gull was now all clear and yellow.

Our doctor here, after all this unprofessional, unreasonable, and inhumane findings, said: “ We are going to do all the tests all over again. The films and tests from Greece are in very poor quality. Therefore useless. The fact you were infected with bacteria is not helping, we need to fight the infection before we move to invasive tests for a diagnosis. Try to forget the days in the Greek hospital and concentrate here and now. Try to imagine you started here, in this hospital. We are going to take care of you, I promise!”

 I am so grateful to this man! I am so grateful to everyone here. And they are just doing their job. Imagine that!!!

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