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Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Regular irregularities ...

I know I have spent too much time talking about my father in this journal the latest 2 months.

Sadly the situation was and is so that it is a daily problem in one’s life having a parent with cancer.

But I have decided not to spend too much time talking about it here. I live it every day. I don’t need to write about it.

I MUST keep SOME level of somewhat normal life. Otherwise I will go insane.

Moving on …

On midsommar I had the greatest time!!! It would have been really good if I’d spend with my lovely Samantha also, but  sadly I couldn’t go away from Stockholm :(

But our day was not too shabby either though! Me and babe went to Djurgården :D

The idea was to go to Skansen but the lines were over 2 hours wait, longer than 500 meters … so I said: “FUCK that!!!!”

 Ronnie said that he would have waited if I really wanted too.

Heh, that was sweet, but I wouldn’t wait on those lines even if David himself would ask me too ….. (David Bowie that is … tsk tsk tsk … you bigot)

And so we went around the trees and bushes and had a fantastic picnic.

I am going to talk about it more in my next post when I also post some pictures :)

I must say here, for the gozillionth time,  that … I really love my town! I LOVE it!!!! Just being outside under the trees …. not so far from my flat actually … makes me … happy!!!! :)

I’ll try to find time and post some nice pictures later tonight or tomorrow afternoon :)

I am reading
Anansi Boys and  I am devouring it!  It is bloody extraordinary. I dream of waking up and reading. I can’t wait for my breaks to read. I pray that the buss will be late so that I can read some more. And yet … I really do not want it to finish … Neil Gaiman really IS my favorite living writer!!! I usually get restless and tiny-bored here and there with “new” writers. But not with Mr. Neil. He is so smart and funny and every paragraph he writes - even if it has nothing to do with the story and he likes to procrastinate with extra descriptions and extra stories - is so wonderfully written that it doesn’t bother you.

The English language is magnificent; and Mr. Neil is honoring it!!!  I pity those who read translated works of great British authors …




Toddles noodles :)

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