Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Beautiful Summer!!! :D

Very beautiful summer we got here now :D

The temp is between 21C and 31C (69F and 87F) and the sky is a blue as the bluest blue you’ve ever seen!!!

The parks, around this magnificent city of ours, filled with people sunbathing, or just enjoying the lovely summer in “various ways”! The water that surrounds us is shimmering and glistering silver and the boats are floating quietly (and some not so quietly grrr) to their destination in one of the 30.000 islands in our beautiful archipelago! The wonderful healthy trees are providing plenty of shadow for us darker types - who do not want to get skin cancer and look like a 70 year old brown raisin when we reach 40 – (shriveled dried sunbathers are pathetic). The birds are adding a soothing note to the landscape, though the laughing seagulls can get to your nerves if you’re not in the right mood.


Ronnie is obsessed with Frisbee and so we have a variety now … we got one that feels like throwing a pancake. It is embarrassing how one gets sore after playing Frisbee. But I guess 3 months away from my running schedule made my muscles fall asleep. Even though going up and down a hundred and eighty eight stairs, times 6, everyday, should have been exercise enough.


The new lens is great!!! Just Great! But … so many pictures … so little time …


Talking about time, I finished Anansi Boys half an hour ago.

I am sad.

(now I want it to be a movie)

I never wanted it to finish!

What am I going to do now?

I have to keep on reading.

I am so glad I still have a few unread Neil Gaiman  books.

So, in a few minutes I am going into the city to buy American Gods.

Then, Ronnie - who is now reading Good Omens - and I, are going o lie under a shadow, on our black blanket, with our black pillows and our black coffee, and read.

Then, we are probably going to play with our orange Frisbee and then with the purple one.

Then we are probably going to take some more pictures that I am probably not going to post here because … as I said … so many pictures, so little time, so lazy weather …

The warm weather is so nice but when it gets too warm I just want to lie under a tree, read, and from time to time gaze at the sky … like so …



Tags: books, dear diary, neil gaiman, reading, reading under the trees

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