Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

que sera sera ...

So the pride parade was great! And the weather was to our favor :) The only down side was that I was there a bit late and I could not see very well all the gorgeous people ;)

But I took many many pictures:) (will be uploaded at some point) There was bizarre lots of people and certain groups were, as always, very touching.  Proud parents always get me damn it.

Right now I am at the hospital. Well I don’t want to talk about this now though. Father is under some tests. Hopefully the surgery will take place within August.

After I leave here this afternoon I am meeting my friend Chris, who is visiting from Greece the last 10 days, and we are probably going to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the theatre near my home. This way I will say goodbye to this Pride with pride this year and get strength for the days to come.

I always wanted to watch  The Rocky Horror Picture Show together with Chris because he is the only one of my friends who know ALL the lyrics of the show by heart and who appreciates a good “drag” when he sees one, even though he is the most hetero man I know ;) Plus, he was the one who introduced me to the movie, (some ... 15 years ago) so it is going to be like a ceremony for me this evening.

I hope my darling boyfriend can get the tickets. There might be a problem, since the tickets are in my name and I cannot go get them myself (since I’m at the hospital with father) but let’s hope not.

I have been doing a lot of sight seeing with my friend and I have been visiting a lot of museums again :)

We took a lot of pictures and drunk a lot of crazy good beers. We watched a lot of shitty movies and a couple of good ones :) I really really reaheheeeeeally like having my friend Chris over :D He is such a great friend and he has so many in common with my boyfriend and they play so good together!!! Plus he got along really well with my other insane friends so we are all a happy mad family these days :D

Now, if only my dad gets good results in the following days, everything would be dandy …

Let’s see …

Tags: cinema, dear diary, friends, movies

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