Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Miss fix it! Pictures:)

Some pictures from my activities outside the hospitals.

Walking on my new vintage shoes.... can be tiresom ;)

Gardening and baking cakes.

Restoring old furniture.
Today I will focus on the pictures from the restoring of my mom's
Singer table. It was made in 1949. (Although I have yet to confirm the model since the actual machine is hidden in my basement) My mom di not take care of it  AT ALL!!!! My uncle decided to torture it some time in the 90s with a dreadfully bad putty and paint job. And last year when I brought my mom to mother Sweden she didn't even want to bring it with. We almost fought over it. Thank Loki my sister is in total oblivion about this stuff so I didn't have to fight about it with her as well.

So a couple of week ago I finally found the time to fix this baby.

Unfortunately I decided I want to take pictures of my Singer table’s progress long after I had already started treating it. So its original sad state is not documented before I started scrubbing with sand paper and the “sandpaper machine” (? I don’t know how you call this machine. I know how to use it though)

Here we go ...

stage 2a
Singer Furniture restore stage 2

stage 2

stage 2a

stage 2b

stage 3

stage 3

stage 4

stage 4

stage 4

first coat of paint
stage 5

stage 6

stage 7

stage 8

stage 9,10

stage 11

stage 14

The legs took half a day only; along with a couple of coats on the wood

Here I made some scratches on the putty to fake "tree effect"
stage 16

One more coat o paint after that ... one more coat of polish ...

stage 17

last coat of polish ...
stage 18

And ... voila!

stage 18

here if you look on the left corner you see the original color

pretty cool I say ...

I could have made much better job if I had bought a darker wood putty. But You learn from your mistakes, no?

I am very proud of the result though! :) It took 18 stages and 4 days. I quite enjoyed it :) Father is proud of me about something - for a change heh - I can’t impress him with music or poetry or any other “girly” interest I have… But once I become the boy he never had, he is automatically proud … Eh, whataryagonna do? My sister doesn’t even know what a paintbrush looks like … so someone has to do the “manly” jobs in this family.

By the by. I am looking to replace the drawers. This is a special model and it is quite big, as you see. It used to have two drawers. Most of Singer  tables have just the one. Anyway, now mine has just the none. They were lost long before I remember my existence. I am willing to remove the drawers from any Singer I find.  If you see it in a second hand store ( we got loads here in Stockholm but I am not always looking EVERYWERE) give me a buzz.

Tags: arts and crafts, sewing machine, stuff

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