Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Nameday Shmameday ...

Today it is my name day.
Swedes do not celebrate name days. But any excuse to drink is always wellcome. However this year things are different. I have the alcohol but nobody to drink it with :(
You see I'm at my sister's house.
My parents are not allowed to drink (they are on meds) my sister is square and her children are too young. Oh and her man is so boring I'd rather watch paint dry.
My man is at home resting from his trip in Portugal. He was playing there with the band and yesterday he was traveling for over 14 hours to get home ... who was the IDIOT who arranged the trip? He went through London, Kuala Lumpur and El Alamein to finally get to Stockholm ... stupid organizers...  anyway.
Today he bought me a nice lunch (Thai buffet mmmmm) And went home to sleep and I came here ...
And I am here celebrating with ... bad coffee ...
I might have a beer later when I get home ... unless I'm dead tired and I just go to bed :(
Ah ...
Self pity session over ....
Think positive ...
The glass is half full ... the glass is half full ...
What glass? I have no bloody glass ....
I have a cup filled with really bad coffee ...
My sister's taste in ... well everything is so .... bad ... This must be the worst coffee you can buy ... meh

Well ... Happy fucking name day to me!!!

Tags: my father's illness, namedays, rumbling

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