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Everything goes to hell...
say yes sourpuss ... 
20th-Sep-2010 11:24 am

So yesterday it was a good day. We voted and then we took a nice walk in the city. We had some interesting beers in the most unlikely places. I tell you, Stockholm is now THE place for elaborate serious Ale drinkers :D


At home, we popped the puzzle open

and made some cakes and muffins :) As demonstrated below.


waiting pictures ....
tutu turu rutu tutu ru ....


After that, we watched a movie and then we checked the results of the elections.


The result is good and bad .. (in the cut ...)

It is good because the side I wanted NOT to win did NOT win. The Social Democrats had an unfortunate run with their incompetent leader. Just because she is a woman she got a lot of support from women. “yeah let’s vote to have our first woman prime minister” Mongos! It is not enough. This woman appeared many times naïve. A leader of a party can not afford to appear naïve. Every time she opened her mouth she sounded as if she was ass-kissing someone. She did not sound serious. So, even though I consider myself to lean on the left side … I really really did not want this clown in the government.

So, the right wing party won again.

And why not? We had a good run. During the crisis, they saved our asses.

But there is a thorn in the story. The result is also bad … it is bad because the ones that won didn’t get majority, so the extreme right wing party will be in the parliament breaking everybody’s balls. It is also a bit embarrassing for Sweden to have those assholes in the parliament with a voice.

So now, I am hoping that the Green Party says YES to a collaboration and stop being such a sour bitch!

If they get into the government they will have a voice and do good for the country.

If they say NO out of spite, or “ideology” (my ass), then the extreme right wing racist K.K.K. party will get opinion and power. Dreadful!

I mean it is enough that the Christian Democrats are in already.

The Racist Party we can do without.


So, say yes you tree hugging losers … say YES!



I’m going to have a skull with milk now.


Heja Sverige


20th-Sep-2010 09:01 pm (UTC)
LJ Cut!

Your pictures are so unique in the spacial and color output.
20th-Sep-2010 09:02 pm (UTC)
And I'm recognizing the LJ Cut, not demanding one, BTW.
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