Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

14 pictures … 3 random days … my friend Chris and I

A few more pictures from my friend Chris’ visit, this July.

These are pictures taken with Chris’s camera. It is 3 different days when were just hanging around the city. Checking the market, walking aimlessly around :D

- Which is my favorite activity :D And it is not many people who say yes to: “Wanna walk around aimlessly till our feet are on fire?” -

My favorite building in the whole city … you’ve seen it here before … it is one of those things I love to photograph. This one is taken by Chris though! :D

Working on my portrait skills …

The Sunday Market in Hötorget . I love this market :D

I asked Christos to take this picture at the market because at the time I was obsessed with frisbee :D

One of those things that make me smile :D

We couldn't smile so someone else chipped it ;)

Just a school ..

Just a gate …

... and a running lady in the way ... Chris said we'll photoshop her away, but I like it as it is :D

This one is, again, the director’s eye … I don’t know how many times I’ve past this window, but I haven’t seen the cacti couple. Christos saw it immediately! He took this Valentine Postcard picture :D I love it!!!

... so ... beautifully sad!!!!

A secret place

Here, it was one of those days that I had taken so many pictures that come evening my camera’s battery was toast, so I asked Chris to borrow his camera because I HAD to take this picture :D
I just loved that moment and the spot … in front of the Tiffany’s Lamp store …. This one goes into my future exhibition ;)

And finally …

…just because we are cool!



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