Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Vintage clothes and beautiful people!

So Vintage Mass yesterday.

One hour waiting outside and two and a half hours browsing with one hour brake.

Goodie bag rather lame. Good body oils though.

It gets even more pleasant going there because every year people get more and more into dressing up for the event.   Just being around all those beautiful people makes me smile. Women with their beautiful hair and makeup and their hats and ribbons and lovely shoes and all their magic. And men, with their knitted vests and their ties and bow-ties and beautiful leather shoes and their pocket watches and shiny hair.
- No filthy dirty long-haired, unshaven, smelly adidas wearing, heavy metal sleaze bag baboons in sight!!!  -
What a sight for sore eyes!!!  The queue was many many meters long, and it lasted long like that until the very end. Only problem this time was the sizes. Most of the stuff I found for me were TOO bloody big. Sizes for giants ... women from the planet Giant, from the galaxy the giant way. Even now that I am one size bigger than my usual (apart from the top to waist that I still wear the extra small size, from the hips down I wear small now, unless it is Italian size, then I wear small/medium :( sniff) the clothes there were HUGE for me!!! Weird because every year I find stuff.
This year did not produce so much fruit … well … I bought a new pair of boots, a black Manchester jacket, two silk scarves and a beautiful black bow broach. I don’t have the pictures here to upload (I am now at my sister’s house semi-watching football with my father).

Very close to buy cheer leader’s Texas outfit from AMERICANA … but I came to my senses fast (to my boyfriend’s disappointment).

I have also decided to put some color in my wardrobe … so I bought one more grey shirt, a grey pair of tights, a pair of knee socks black with grey stripes, and a long black and grey plaid skirt. Now my closet is infested with at least 4 pieces of grey clothing. Brrr I feel like a hippie … I must go listen to Wagner now to balance out the eekyness of the idea!

One more thing on the downside in the Vintage Mass yesterday, was that my two favorite stores didn’t have a spot this time :( So, no tights with a back seam:( But I’m hoping I’ll find them in Sivleto

Blah blah blah …
I watched Predators … okay … entertaining … I kinda fell asleep here and there … fun if you are in dude-mood though.

Blah blah blah ...

I watched something really cool but now I am bored with writing here …

Father has fallen asleep here so I am going to go home … accompanied by Fragile Things

I’m off …

Tags: clothes, shopping, vintage, vintage trade fair

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