Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

A little this a little that a little rant that’s good for the soul!

I am dead tired.
Back home after 12 hours of crap craptacular crap ...
Tomorrow I have the early morning off ( between 06:00 and 11:00) so I can sleep some. I might post my pretty fall pictures too if I find time.

Yesterday we finally watched
Alice in Wonderland:D
I loved it!!!!! Johnny was once again a GOD!!!

The One and only thing I HATED deeply, was the very first song in the end titles. Such a great movie ended with a fart song. This Avril Lavigne chick has to stop making music. She is like a hundred years old now, she must STOP making this ridiculous teenage music for mongoloid brain damaged morons. OR, she needs to be lobotomized.

But mostly those who will in the future CHOOSE to destroy another Tim Burton film with her diarrhea of a voice (or anything similar that I will not pollute my LJ by mentioning here) should be burnt alive after they are bathed in old shit.

Have a lovely night ladies.

I'm off to watch something brutal.


p.s. I need vacation ... I miss Gotland ....
p.p.s. should I be blond again? Hmmm ... Maybe in the summer ... my boyfriend will be devastated ... he hates blonds ... :p

Tags: blond, movies

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