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Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Interworld Interworld Interworld Interworld Interworld Interworld Interworld Interworld Interworld

So as I said, I finished Coraline and Fragile Things in less than three Weeks and I was getting a Gaiman overdose, since it is the only thing I am reading since January. So I thought, okay, one more and then I change to something else. But then, I remembered that except Terry Pratchett (and America Gods), Gaiman has collaborated with another writer as well. He wrote Interworld together with Mr. Michael Reaves. I started reading 2 days ago and I am almost finishing it - well it is not that long anyway – but I am usually a slow reader and this one is SO magnificent, SO perfect, SO interesting, SO magical!!! The language is great. I thank myself everyday for pushing myself to learn s as good English as possible, because pieces of literature like this one are just wasted on another language no matter how good the translation.

-This goes for every piece of literature actually. The original is always what one should read. Duh!  But if something is originally written in English, you must be a larva from the planet of the mongoloid caterpillars infected with gonorrhea and lupus not to read it in English!!! Assuming ... well ... never mind ... -

Yes so Interworld is the best science fiction book I have ever ever ever ever ever read!!!

It is incredible. I hear they want to make it a movie. But … it is bound to fail as a movie because …
well no, I won’t say because I will spoil it if you haven’t read it …
But I can only say that it would only work as a movie if it was animated!!!


I have 80 more pages and I am reading them   s   l   o   o   o   w   l   y    !   !   !

Hoping it won’t end …


I recommend it!!!

And if you read it and do not like it … do not tell me because I will curse you to become that larva I mentioned earlier …


I’ve got to take my mom to the crazy doctor now …’


Smurf …

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