Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

To pumpkin ... to pumpkin not ...


Ah! Halloween!

I did my annual shopping yesterday and I’ll get some more today. Halloween is the time to get supplies for the whole year.
Since, for us here, ALL year is Halloween!
Well duh!

I got a few small pumpkins and orange candles. (because of course I have black) And orange toilet paper (because I have black … and it smells like lemons mmm). I bought some more spiders because I was running out. A new witch’s hat, some red horns. Now I need to buy a big pumpkin, some new jelly monsters and bats for the windows (my bats are getting really soft and seriously eeeky when you touch them. I have to buy new ones before I clean the windows. We haven’t clean the windows since 2008. (apart from the kitchen windows, they haven’t been cleaned since 2005). I also need to buy some more spider web because I used a lot in Christmas and it’s rather shabby now. And also I need to buy the annual candy. I buy 500kr worth of candy every year and at least half of it ends up as a decoration for next year, the other half Ronnie eats … So I am going to be a lil more selective this year.

 Since me and my girls are going to shake and bake and decorate Halloween cupcakes (and maybe cookies) I don’t know If I will have the strength to carve a Pumpkin King as well this year! I WILL buy one but I’m not sure if I’ll carve it.

Ah we’ll see. It is only 07:00 in the morning … I have some time to think and make my evil plans … wait … there … I put on my new witch’s hat ;)

There, now I can scheme …


Tags: halloween

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