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So after I finished Fragile things, I inhaled InterWorld and Stardust within less than 3 weeks and I read Odd and the Frost Giants almost in a day. Now I am pacing myself because Neverwhere is the last Neil Gaiman Novel I have left. After that I am left with Smoke and Mirrors which is just short stories and poems and it is going to be evaporated in one night. Plus he is a rather bad poet and most of his short stories kiiiinda bore the begonias out of me. (Don't get this wrong ... Mr. Gaiman IS my favorite living author. He is just not perfect ;) After the Neil Gaiman-paloosa I think is time to finally give another chance to Mr. Terry Pratchett. And what better way to start than The Carpet People. But let’s not get ahead of myself … Let me finish with Neil and I’ll get back to you with Terry.

I must say that InterWorld  was very very very good!!! I had such great time reading it. Same with Stardust.

I think Mr. Gaiman is a master when it comes to fairytales. He gets a little bit too babbly when his stories take place in a modern world. Too many unnecessary repetitions. Too much blah blah blah … Too many fucking details. - Some stories in Fragile Things I read in fast forward because I was Bo ho H HO  ORED!!! But when he writes a fairytale! Man!!! Then, he IS the maestro!!! I can’t get enough! And this is what happened with all his fairytales. I read while walking on the street … that’s when I know I love a book. Stardust I was reading while everything around me was falling apart!!! The movie was such a bloody disappointment :( The only good thing about the movie is the story of the Sky-pirate (portrayed by Mr. Robert De Niro) that does not exist (the character exists but not the story).

Odd and the Frost Giants I read with one breath and I think I will read one more time before I start with Neverwhere. Still The graveyard Book and Anansi Boys are my favorite stories written by an author who is still in the world of the living. It is so refreshing knowing that next year you might get a new book from your favorite author. All my favorite authors died last century. So you understand my excitement. This is new to me.

Oh and when I am not Christmas decorating or reading … I am playing with several toys…

(yes these are some of our children)

The basic reason of these photos here is not to show Rockband, but to try the newest toy … a flash my boyfriend bought for the camera… But this is another post  which will include the latest
tamron macro-lens90mm addition to the family …

We are playing Monkey Island and watching movies like there is no tomorrow … We watched so many crap not even worth to mention. But I have fallen in love with two new tv series. Boardwalk Empire and The Walking Dead!!!!! Mondays are a bliss nowadays!!! :D

Ah yeah … and while everything is happening we have new Christmas beer releases all the time now … I LOVE the Swedish alcohol monopoly system. If the monopoly ever goes away, then say goodbye to all those magnificent special Ales! The Turk in the corner will antagonize the Pakistani and the Greek across the street on who is going to bring the cheapest Budweiser! (<-yes that IS disgusting, that’s what I’m trying to say)

Mmmm next post will be about today’s new 8 Christmas Beer releases :D

Here is a few bottles, out of the 27 different kinds, we drunk last month.

MMMMMmmmm!!! My favorite Icelander baby!!!!!!! Smokey-Christmasy lil bastard!!!!

Christo babe, you would LOOOOVE this one!!! Same brewery that makes Lava!!! ;)

Scoodleoo for now … I’m off to the Christmas planning …

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