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Everything goes to hell...
And now some serious Showing off my Macro lens… 
7th-Dec-2010 01:53 pm

How close can YOU go?????? :p

my object

my close up


eh just kidding …


is my close up ;)

I can go maybe even closer if I use a tripod ;)
hands too shaky :s

Here are some more macro ... :D

I say.Not too shabby …

By the by I love the Betty Boob revival :D

Crazy CUTE!!!

This one is Ronnie's take on Betty ;)

7th-Dec-2010 11:56 pm (UTC)
I *LOVE* Betty Boop! Ever since I was a kid.

I am trying to pull emosgood (Patrick) into our beer conversation. He is much more versed in the art of beer then I am, he also knows people at Midnight Sun...
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