Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Timmy Time

I have been looking for a present for me today. Ronnie does not know what to get me. Apart from the usual  little presents, you know, we like to give many many many small cheap presents here, the more the merrier. And we always ask each other what we want so that we also get a “non surprise” but also an actually “desired” present. So after I did my morning chores for my sister (yeah I am still her bitch for some reason I don’t understand), I walked to the liquor store got me some wine and some more Christmas beers (now both the fridges are packed with Christmas beer), I then went to the toy store. When I was about to give up I saw him. TIMMY!!!

What? You don’t know who is Timmy? He is the baby lamb on Shawn The Sheep!!

You don’t know who Shawn the Sheep is?

My god you are lost in the world!!!!

This is Shawn The Sheep :  

So I found Timmy Time 10 Inch Talking Timmy Soft Toy and I loved him!! HE is SO crazy cute!!! And when I was about to send sms to the boyfriend and tell him, that’s what I want for Christmas … I changed my mind. For one reason only. Timmy would be sleeping with us if I got him … Timmy is bellowing  (or whatever you call it, the thing the lambs do), once you squeeze him on his tummy. So the first time that I turn and squeeze him and he goes BAAAAAA in the middle of the night, it will be cute … but it will NOT be cute the second time around. And so he will join the rest of the family with stuffed animals in the living room. And I have promised myself, NO MORE stuffed animals!!! I could make an exception for Timmy if he was quiet.

Bloody adorable little bastard!!!!

Tags: christmas, cute, xmas, xmas presents

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