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Everything goes to hell...
T and A ... inspiration ... 
17th-Dec-2010 08:21 pm

Ah I'm off to watch a movie or two or three. Boyfriend is at Christmas party with work. Opportunity to watch all the horror splatter B and C movies I’ve been pilling here.
I took some pictures but didn’t have so much inspiration. I think I need to dye my hair.
Inspiration comes when my hair is tip top.
Go figure.
Do you know Samson? Yeah well he got strength I got inspiration what do ya want?

I’m off to start with Lynch Mob!
Be prepared for some serious amount of T and A and a lot of cRRapppyyy lines!!!

Ah, and It has a whole 4,2 on internet movie data base

Plus the tagline is so fucking promising it makes me twitch:
“If you see only one mafia cannibal zombie movie this year, make sure its Lynch Mob.”

It sounds horrendoulicious!!!
(yep I just made this word up, feel free to use it)

Well ..
Cheese, olives and red wine!

Check, check aaaand check! 

One love!

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