Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Christmas Market in Gamla Stan ... maaaaany pictures :D

So, Christmas Market in Gamla Stan.

I REALLY do wish you could SMELL the smells at the market!!!

IF there was a heaven, it would smell exactly … not similar … EXACTLY like THIS!!!!

Sugar and vanilla and cherries and juniper tree and all sorts of spices and Glögg and cinnamon and oranges and chocolate and coco beans and caramelled apples and roasted almonds in sugar …

roasted almonds in sugar …
, I bought a lil paper bag and inhaled them and burnt the tip of my tongue, but it was worth it.

Here is my dealer :)

Oh yeah ... by the by ...
I met Santa :D
Lovely man!
Great beard!!!

Ah, I love this city!!!

Now THIS is white Christmas ;)
(well ... like every Christmas :p)

bye bye market ... see you tomorrow :D
(I'm bringing mom here tomorrow)

Waitress waiting outside to get order for the
café next door ... they kinda working together ...

It may look like it but I PROMISE you, it is NOT cold!!!

This is my favorite café:)

You got to hold on to this to walk this street :)

The back door to my fav cafe

 Next post … leaving the old town ;)

Tags: candy, christmas, gamla stan, icicles, photography, snow, stockholm, xmas, xmas market

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