Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Arrogant suits me best!

Listening to The Waterboys after many years. I forgot how much I like them …  The Pan Within is still one of the most dreamy songs ever written …

Apart from Amy Winehouse … I can’t really think another artist after the 90s that has something to say … Not that there are many from the 90s that have much to show for … The legends all died in the 80s in some strange way … And Amy has talent but not much depth … it’s all about her drugs and booze and boyfriends. But her ability to sing forgives a lot of trash …. Lyric wise … I can’t think of anybody apart from Voltaire who is actually very amusing  … but then again he is mostly a comedian …. And his music is dreamy and pretty but very simple and repetitive … Don’t get me wrong I really like Voltaire … I think he is ADORABLE!!! I find him funny, very talented musician, romantic and not shallow at all … but I wouldn’t call him deep either … and he wouldn’t go on my “Dostoyevsky” shelf if you know what I mean … Okay let’s put it another way, he is not on the same shelf with Rozz Williams! Are you with me? Okay, so listening to The Waterboys… makes me think …. Whatever happened to bands like Virgin Prunes, Christian Death, Cockney Rebel

Am I so old?

Well, not really. These bands were at their peak before my time anyway. So I was always listening to those dead or dying …

When I was a kid I loved to listen to my grandfather's favorite radio station with songs from the 20s and 30s

Then in the 90s as a teen I'd listen only to bands from the 70s and 80s.
I have listened to all this old shit ENOUGH times they are a part of me.

And I listen to all this again and again and I love it ... but they only give me a lovely feeling of deep … nostalgia. Follow?

 So, If I want to listen or read something NEW and meaningful … I can only read MY lyrics!!!

Arrogant huh?

Perhaps ...

But better arrogant than brainwashed and settled with garbage for the masses! I am not naming names because I will offend some here … and I don’t feel very bitchy to do that today:) Yes better arrogant than falling for the copycats … or the “VERY inspired” by the same people and recycled poetry of the fucking mediocre …


Yeah, arrogant fit s me better.

Arrogant suits me best!

Now turn off the garbage you're polluting the air with and enjoy some quality ...


See you around town …

Tags: dear diary, music

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