Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Hop-full Ales the drink of Gods!!!

Last week's ladies!!!

The Swedes know their hopps

Swede number one:
Oppigårds Spring Ale is a bouquet of butterflies and bitter sunshine. Not a 10 as the Oppigårds Amarillo Spring, but an 8 for sure. I have already tried this at the beer festival. It is going to be in Systembolaget for a while so go get some spring :)

Swede number two:
Mohawk VS Amarillo I haven't tried yet but what could go wrong with Amarillo hopps and Mohawk Brewing Company

Then we have the New Zealand baby
Epic Armageddon
I must say New Zealand does good ... Full aroma and a dash sweet in the middle. Daisies and freshly cut grass, filling up your brain with sunshine ... but there is no real finish! It disappears quite fast. It gets a good 8 from me. Maybe 8,5. Good stuff New Zealand!!!

But the fucking superstar here is this lil American freak: (of course)
Modus Hoperandi
Goddamn that is a magic beer. Made by little magic dwarf baby stars in the hanging gardens of Babylon ...  Okay okay I exaggerate a tad! But man that is a GOOD beer!!!  Hoppy and sweet and bitter. Somewhat smokey, it makes your mouth water and the taste lingers ... boy it lingers! It is a 9,5

(reading the link above I found out that  it also comes in a can ... I had no idea ...)
Tags: ale

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