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"Each thing I show you is a piece of my death! - No salvation! No forgiveness!"

There are so many people I’d like to say “fuck offfff and die” but …. I’m in a good mood and besides . . . life is too short to waste its precious moments talking to worthless anthropoids . . . they can profit all they want in my expense and they can even take the credit for MY creations but they will never be clean and never find salvation!

Let’s see now …
Everything is peachy . . . some spiritual emptiness has occurred but I’m back on track.
Some new songs are on their way and some rearrangements on the “home studio” are soon to be done. This summer is going to be very inspiring . . . if not triumphant! ;)

And this ……………… is my violin!!!!
My new baby!

The neighbors will suffer no more ;)

And now I can give you some online lessons Manina sama;)
Tags: violin

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