December 12th, 2003


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Subversion may be inevitable but what one converts to is not. Anyone living exposed to the post-modern pop pseudo-culture is diseased; we're all victims of this pernicious corrosion. Your reality is based on monstrous lies and disingenuous parables. Laws are capricious and their enforcement more so. Such pseudo-justice is merely a convenient performance intended to dupe the public into believing that law and order protect them. Realize more than anything else, power and its corollary abuse makes the world go round. The nihilist knows this, they have progressed beyond this myth, beyond right and wrong. Justice is just power, present moral-legal framework is a myth and if you expect fairness you'll be burned. You may already realize this, but others don't yet. Soon they will though because valid ideas don't need advertising. The world seeks wisdom not the other way around. The desperate need for publicity is merely a sign of weakness, of hollow answers and non-sequitur content posing as enlightenment. Legitimate ideas and solutions generate self-confidence and that confidence needs no publicity saturating ad-campaign to perservere and permeate. Only trash and poison, products of unnatural consumption need to be hawked endlessly and pounded like nails into the brains of the delirious masses.


We finally moved thank Mao!!! Mama is coming on the 19th! I saw a few bad movies, Matrix included, non stop stupidity in the movie business. Didn’t get the job. >_< Apartment kicks ass. I can see my neighbours doing stuff. Exotic! I need a publisher. My work is done. I’m hungry now. Oh the Happiness! Have I mentioned lately I love Sweden? It’s been a while huh? Oh well, I LOVE Sweden!!!! Goodnight!