May 3rd, 2004


Spring report!!!

Lets see . . .
Spring is here . . .
Full of activities . . .
30 of April it was Valborg!!!!
We went to see one of the fires! This day the whole city is burning. It smells soooooooo nice everywere!!!
This is just a small sample!

The Valborg Fire welcoming spring!

The Valborg Fire from far far far far away dying out!

Two days later on the road.
We took a loooooooooong biking trip! We started soooomewhere here.

Here we stopped for ice-cream and feed the creatures of the day!

We went on for a long time!
Then we ended up here! We stopped for a beer!
A super café with view to the see and to this haunted house! Fantastic house I want to live here!

As we were having our drinks the police passed by!
Fantastic horse police! ;)

Then we continued towards the sun …..

One ice cream, three beers, one coffee, one Irish coffee, one veggie-burger and 7 hours later . . . we headed home !
It was a really nice day!
(my camera is taking pictures by itself while I’m biking . . Amazing ! ;))