April 28th, 2008


Einstürzende Neubauten - My review

I have no words ...

... heh well obviously I have a FEW words ;) Einstürzende Neubauten played yesterday in one of Stockholm's prettiest concert halls. It has beautiful sculptures all around the walls, the ceiling and the amphitheatre. It has beautiful balconies with golden banisters and beautiful golden framed gigantic mirrors are decorating some round parts of the walls. I had the best sit on the amphitheatre above the standing people but under the balconies. I had a perfect view and an 18th century golden sit with red velveteen pillows on the back and on the sit. The live was just PERFECT, so I am not going to go into detail with that. Blixa said they were recording the whole thing. " … It is going to be a Double CD. This was end of CD 1!" he said.

Later, on the third encore we were in for a surprise. They did THE GAME, where they pick cards from a bag. (The bag had "Dave" on ... the little Neubauten dude you know ... they call him Dave lol) "We only do this on the subway … and … where the audience is really nice" said Blixa.

So it begun. The game goes like this: They each pick three cards from the bag and they do not show them to each other. Each card has a word or a symbol or a picture … it could be anything … According then to the cards.. subject each band member picks an instrument and then they begin … Blixa said, " … and then … something magical happens … or not"  ;)

And so they begun, they picked their cards, some looked confused, some laughed, some looked excited. One of the percussionists stayed at the (handmade E.Neubauten) "drums". The other percussionist, (who plays all the industrial tool-like mechanical biohazard stuff) went to the keyboard. The keyboardist took the bass (and everyone looked at him bedazzled since no one had seen him before touching the bass). And the bass player took the guitar. Blixa of course stayed on the microphone :)

Right then and there they improvised. Without saying a word to each other, without a blink , without a wink, without ANY preparation; like blind people in a factory … they made magic … they played something SO beautiful …. My smile broke my make up into million pieces. What they played was incredible, it was funny, it was serious, it was aggressive, it was sad … it was flawless!!! When it was over I turned and looked at Ronnie who was sparkling with happiness and his smile was as big as mine.

Then, they each told us what their cards said. It was so beautiful. I found all of their interpretations to their cards remarkable, but I smiled especially with two. The bass player, (who played the guitar for this) as he was explaining why he did what he did with all the words he got, he said: " … and the last card had a picture of a "square", so I decided to play with the card". Brilliant!

And then I also smiled with the Keyboardist, (who played the base for this) who in his turn to explain why he did what he did with all the words he got, he said  "  … and the last card said "space", so that's why I decided to do nothing for a while". hehe

Since they were recording it and also videotaping it, I really hope it will be in the market soon. And I really really hope they will include their improvisation Game as well.

- And yes ok, Blixa said that, of course, they have made entire albums exactly in this way; but it is not everyday you listen to one of the best bands in the world improvise live for you. It is a unique experience!!! It was amazing. It WAS pure magic! However, if you are not one of the lucky ones to be there when it actually happens, then at least you should listen to the CD. -

I am sure that in the following weeks you can find pictures and short videos on youtube if you just search  "Einstürzende Neubauten Stockholm live 2008" But I strongly recommend to buy the live CD.

Ah I love these guys!!! And seeing them again after all these years made me feel as if I was watching old friends. Old friends doing their thing. They give me exactly the same feeling they used to give me when I was 15. And that alone is a gift.

 Man I love these guys.

THAT, my friend, was industrial music at its finest!

Now I have no more words …