July 28th, 2008


hot hot heat

The city is burning up! We have a crazy heat wave. I am bloody melting. Both me and my boyfriend suffered mild sunstrokes. I can’t sleep. My visitors didn’t see the real Swedish summer. It was raining when they were here. Poor sods. Now I am sweaty. The next person who complains about the cold weather in Sweden I am going to take a dump in his/her mouth.

I am still waiting for the cinemas to empty so to go watch The Dark Knight”. It is sad Heath Ledger died, but I wish he were not in this movie. I have been waiting far too long for it and I hate seeing it being misjudged because of this poor man’s tragedy. People judge the movie according to Heath’s performance. It is not fair. To anyone! Very annoyed me is when me thinks of it. I hope at least that The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”, since it was Heath’s last movie, will get the same attention (or at least half of the attention), so that finally my sweet sweet Terry Gilliam will earn some money, enough to finally make Don Quixote”!!! Yes it is your death my fortune but at least the fortune should go to the less fortunate, Mr Batman was meant to make money anyway, with or without Heath’s death.



“I am a Marvel … and I am Batman”

Tv stuff

Television is getting interesting again for the summer :)
Mad Men finally started yepiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! My, in the closet, crush is back on the air yeiiiiii!!!! Ah Christina Hendricks!!! If it wasn't for the fact that I really don't like pussy, I would definitely be gay. But the pussy factor makes me go
eeeeeeeeeeek!!!! But yes, I have a crush on Christina!!! She is the most beautiful woman ever to walk on this sad universe! (if she didn't have a pussy she'd be a deity ... well duh...)

Also, Monk started and I have 2 full episodes to enjoy with my lunch :) Plus, Eureka starts tomorrow yeeeeeeeeeiiii!
Have I mentioned that I want to live in Eureka!!!!





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